Journalists expose the Russian torturers of Bukhania

Journalists expose the Russian torturers of Bukhania

During the war in Ukraine, the occupiers of Bucza left traces of their identity. Journalists have now exposed them.

The war in Ukraine Several bodies were buried in front of the church in Bucza. – The keystone


basic information at a glance

  • Journalists found references to Russians stationed in Bucza.
  • They left a love letter, ID card and Instagram name as graffiti.
  • Witnesses also report the presence of Chechen fighters in Bucza.

When Russian units withdrew from the Kiev suburb of Bukhara in the Ukrainian war, they left dead bodies behind and destroyed houses. This was obvious to the Ukrainian armed forces at first glance and caused outrage all over the world. International and Ukrainian courts now want to investigate the alleged war crimes. What can be seen at second glance helps: things that the Russians deliberately did not leave behind and reveal their identity.

Ukraine has already published photos of ten Russians from the 64th Motorized Artillery Brigade stationed in Bucza. Research by the Reuters news agency has now revealed other names of Russians who were in Bucza.

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The war in Ukraine Hundreds of killed civilians were found in Bucza after its liberation from the hands of the Russian occupiers. Kyiv has now shared photos of butchers, their names have been shared by a former journalist.The war in Ukraine Men have the rank of private or non-commissioned officer.The war in Ukraine They are between 24 and 35 years old.The war in Ukraine The 64th Motorized Artillery Brigade was stationed in Bucza.The war in Ukraine According to the Ukrainian media, some of the “Boch Butchers” had families and children.The war in Ukraine The soldiers were honored after their retreat from Bucza.The war in Ukraine Some of the soldiers come from the other side of Russia.The war in Ukraine The 64th Brigade is accused of war crimes in Bucza.The war in Ukraine Hundreds of civilians were murdered in Bucza.The war in Ukraine Ukraine wants to bring those responsible to justice.The war in Ukraine The 64th Brigade is currently fighting in the Donbas.

For example, Kyrill Krychukov was there, as the news agency found out from his name on Instagram. Because in the house where the invaders had settled in, there was an inscription “Wolf_68” on the wall. It’s also part of his Instagram name. There, he shared films where he was in Russian uniform with other soldiers in the bar.

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Reuters learned from Kryczukov’s friends that the man served in the 76th Airborne Guard Division and was in Ukraine. He is not the only one of this branch whose presence in Bucza has been found. Among the rubble and papers, a love letter addressed to Aleksander Logwinienko was found.

The broadcaster told Reuters he was in a relationship with Logwinienka. He is a paratrooper and has been on a military mission for weeks. However, she did not say in which unit he served. However, he lives in Pskov, the city where the 76th Division is located.

Ukrainian investigators also found an ID card in a house seized by the Russians during the war in Ukraine. According to Reuters research, it belongs to a member of Witia┼║, a highly trained special forces unit. This belongs to the National Guard, which reports to Viktor Solovov, the former bodyguard of Vladimir Putin.

The war in Ukraine: Chechen fighters also in Bucza

Reuters also found some hints that Chechen fighters were in and around Bucza. For example, the words “Akhmat is our strength” refer to Akhmat Kadyrov. He is the former president of Chechnya and is revered as a hero.

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Yes, that’s the only way we can protect ourselves from war.

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Yes, that’s the only way we can protect ourselves from war.


No, because they hit the wrong people.


No, because they hit the wrong people.

Many witnesses also reported seeing Chechen fighters. You could be recognized by the newer, better, and beige uniforms. Some had the face of Akhmad Kadyrov, his son and the current leader Ramzan or the Chechen flag sewn on.

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