Lake Mead: Body parts recovered in a US tank

Lake Mead: Body parts recovered in a US tank

America’s largest body of water becomes a lake of awe. Due to severe drought, Lake Mead has almost no water left near the charming city of Las Vegas. That is why finds from several dozen years are coming to light – including a corpse.

A week after finding a body of at least 40 years old in the barrel, tourists once again stumbled upon human remains. According to a report from KLAS-TV, two sisters, Lindsay and Lynette Melvin, came across a skull while on a rowing boat trip. It was half out of the mud.

More dead bodies are likely to be found

When they dug up the dry sand with their foot, they found more bones, Lindsay Melvin said KLAS-TV.

Two sisters photographed the gruesome find, posted it on Instagram, and then alerted the authorities. These are indeed human bones, according to the National Park Service, but they don’t presume murder.

A Las Vegas police spokesman said the remains are under investigation by coroners. “We think more bodies are likely to be found,” said a spokesman.

The lowest water level in 51 years

About a week earlier, the sailors discovered the barrel with the corpse. According to the preliminary findings of the medical examiner, the deceased man was shot dead in the mid-1970s and then drowned. The police assume the murder of the mafia. This dominated Las Vegas casinos in the 1940s and 1980s.

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Lake Mead’s water level is at its lowest in 51 years due to ongoing drought. The lake provides drinking water to millions of people. (zis)

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