Learn how to use titles in iMovie

Titles are useful for introducing your video, subtitles and annotations, speaker identification, credits, and more. There are a variety of titles in iMovie, many of which can be customized and customized.

To access Titles, click the T button, which opens the Titles panel with all of iMovie’s pre-made title templates.

In addition to the titles shown above, there are also a variety of stylized and themed titles available when you set an iMovie theme for your project.

Add titles to an iMovie project

To add a title, just select it and drag it onto the part of your video where you want to add it. You can place the title over an existing video clip, or before, after, or between video clips.

If you add a title to an empty part of your project, you must choose a background for it.

Change the length of iMovie titles

Once a track is in your project, you can adjust its length by dragging the end or the beginning. You can also change the duration by double-clicking the inspector to open it and typing the number of seconds you want the title to appear on screen in the Duration field.

A title can only be as long as the video below it. Therefore, you may need to adjust the length of the video clips or the background behind your title before lengthening it.

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In the inspector you can also show or hide the title or change the type of title used.

Edit title text in iMovie

Edit your title text by clicking on it in the preview window. If you want to change the font of the title, click show fonts. iMovie’s Fonts panel offers easy selection of nine fonts, sizes, and colors. You can also use it to adjust the alignment of your title text, make it bold, underline, or italic. For more font and layout choices, check out the System Fonts panel, which gives you access to all the fonts installed on your computer and more choices for font spacing, letters, and lines.