Long-running Sleep as Android now compatible with Google Health Connect

In recent years, health monitoring has made its way into the world of smartphones and smartwatches. Google launched its own fit precisely in this context.

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This year, Google officially introduced Health Connect as a new platform for health data sync collected through various devices, which they must then transfer to their own Google Fit Profile.

Among the applications dedicated to health and, in particular, sleep monitoring, more long-lived we will definitely find Sleep like Android. This app has been on Android since Gingerbread and just started working support and compatibility with Health Connect.

As you can see from the screenshots in the gallerynew beta version The Sleep as Android app is officially compatible with Health Connect. This means that they can synchronize data recorded about the user’s sleep.

This compatibility paves the way for synchronization with Google Fit dei. sleep data compiled with Sleep as Android. The app is currently available for both smartphones and Wear OS and offers the ability to monitor sleep quality in terms of duration and from noises produced overnight.

The version of Sleep as Android compatible with Health Connect complies with 20220707. Sync is not currently active because Health Connect by itself it is not active on Android.

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