Missing journalist: suspect confesses to burying the bodies

Missing journalist: suspect confesses to burying the bodies

Missing journalist in Brazil

The suspect confesses to burying the body

The suspect admits to being involved in the disappearance of the journalist Dom Phillips in Brazil. The police arrested him.

Published: 06/16/2022 at 02:53


Updated: 6/16/2022 at 5:01 am

One of the suspects in the case of the disappearance of the British journalist Dom Phillips (died 57) and local expert Bruno Pereira admitted burying their bodies in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.

The suspect, who was arrested last week, “spoke in detail about the crime he committed and where he buried the bodies,” Amazonas Federal Police Chief Eduardo Alexandre Fontes said Wednesday. .

Found “human remains”

As a result, the suspect buried the bodies in a “very hard to reach” place in the rainforest. Shortly before the federal police press conference, Brazilian Justice Minister Anderson Torres announced on Twitter that “human remains” had been found.

One of the suspects had previously been taken to the excavation site, where investigators were looking for the missing.

Phillips, 57, who writes regularly for the UK Guardian as a freelance journalist, and Pereira, an expert on indigenous peoples, were researching a book in the Javari Valley on violence against indigenous peoples and the sustainable protection of indigenous peoples. The rainforest.

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Last seen alive on June 5

The two men were last seen in a boat on the Itaquai River on June 5. There are gold miners, poachers and drug gangs in the region bordering Peru and Colombia.

On June 7, police arrested a suspect who, according to witnesses, was following Phillips and Pereira’s boat. Traces of blood were later found in the suspect’s boat. Investigators also found personal items near his home, such as clothes belonging to the missing person.

On Tuesday, police then arrested another man who, according to media reports, was the brother of the first suspect. (AFP)

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