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(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 19 – There are 13 regions where humans can walk on the Moon again as part of the Artemis 3 mission, scheduled for late 2025 and marking the return of astronauts to lunar soil 50 years after the last mission. mission of the Apollo program, Apollo 17 in 1972. This was announced by NASA at a press conference.

Faustini Rim A, Shackleton Peak, Connecting Ridge, Gerlache Rim 1 are among the possible landing sites, along with Haworth, Leibniz Beta Plateau and Amundsen Rim. A common element for all, proximity to the South Pole of the Moon and a brightness duration of 6.5 days, equal to the duration of the astronauts’ stay.

“Having these names means that you have taken a giant step towards returning astronauts to the Moon since the Apollo missions,” said Mark Kirasich, NASA deputy head of the Artemis Program. “This will be unlike any other mission in the past, as astronauts will travel to uncharted areas to lay the foundations of facilities for future long-range missions,” he added.

In each region, several candidate places were identified for accommodating astronauts. These are scientifically interesting areas that have been evaluated for soil characteristics, ease of communication and lighting conditions.

“Many of the proposed locations correspond to some of the oldest parts of the moon and, together with permanently shadowed areas, provide an opportunity to learn about the history of the moon through previously unexplored lunar materials,” said Sarah Noble of NASA’s Division of Planetary Sciences. Now begins the analysis phase of each of the regions, during which the scientific community will compare all available elements until a place is determined.

Artemis 3 will be the first of the Artemis missions to land on the moon with a human crew. (DEAL).

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