More and more Russian celebrities are stabbing Putin in the back

More and more Russian celebrities are stabbing Putin in the back

The war in Ukraine is not going as planned for Russia, and the army is focusing on brutality. Now more and more celebrities are turning their backs on Putin.

Ukrainian war Russian President Vladimir Putin. – The keystone


basic information at a glance

  • Putin is increasingly condemned for the misfortunes of the war in Ukraine.
  • In addition to famous journalists, now also pro-Russian bloggers are speaking.
  • They condemn the unsuccessful military operation which killed over 400 people.

A few days ago, Russia for the first time admitted the difficulties and mistakes in the Ukrainian war. Now more and more prominent Russians are stabbing Vladimir Putin in the back publicly. The list of Kremlin critics grows longer …

On May 9, Victory Day, two reporters published at least 30 articles about the Russian president.

On the Kremlin-friendly website, Egor Polyakov and Alexander Miroshnikova sharply criticized Putin. They accused him of starting one of the “bloodiest wars of the 21st century”.

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War in Ukraine: Bloggers condemn the unsuccessful river crossing

Journalists were convinced that “Putin and his entourage are sentenced to a tribunal.” He and his allies could not have escaped – “after a lost war.” According to CNN, articles critical of Putin were quickly removed.

The war in Ukraine Ukrainian rescuers are working in front of the destroyed building of the city hall in Kharkiv after the Russian shelling. Photo: Pavel Dorogoy / AP / dpaThe war in Ukraine People fleeing from Ukraine at the Majaki-Udodne border crossing. Hundreds of thousands are fleeing because of the Russian attack on their homeland. Photo: Sergei Grits / AP / dpaUkrainian war Ukrainian soldier during the war in Ukraine near the destroyed bridge over the Irpin River.The war in Ukraine Due to the escalation of the situation during the war in Ukraine, world grain prices are rising.

Pro-Russian military bloggers also commented. The prominent military commentator Yuri Kotenok condemned the unsuccessful crossing of the Siversky Donets River during the war in Ukraine. It cost over 400 lives as the Russians were bombed by Ukrainian forces.

Kotenok condemned the military operation on his Telegram channel, adding: “If you want to listen to cartoons, you’ve come to the wrong place. In this case, please contact the official bodies. ‘ About it reports CNN.

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Another blogger, Vladlen Tatarskiy, accused the responsible commander on his Telegram channel: “The offensive in Donbas is also obstructed by such generals.” The lack of effective drone reconnaissance data was also discussed.

The Russian population defended itself with demonstrations against the war

Already at the beginning of the Ukrainian war, Russian citizens rebelled against the invasion. It is in the form of daily anti-war protests. By March 13, however, this led to some 15,000 arrests.

The war in Ukraine The protest of Marina Owsiannikowa (in the back) sparked a wave of recognition. He sets an example against the war in Ukraine. — / Social Media / dpa

However, Marina Owsjannikova did not allow herself to be intimidated by the censorship measures introduced at that time. In mid-March, an employee of the Russian state television stopped broadcasting from her station to put a poster to the camera.

There was an inscription on it: “Stop the war. Don’t believe the propaganda. Here you will be lied to ».

Do you follow the events of the war in Ukraine on a daily basis?

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