NATO Summit: Protection against Putin: Biden makes Europe a fortress, sends more troops

NATO Summit: Protection against Putin: Biden makes Europe a fortress, sends more troops

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This day will be remembered in history!

Announced at the NATO summit in Madrid US President Joe Biden (79) a large increase in military presence in Europe. The eastern flank is to be strengthened and anti-aircraft defense expanded. Additional American soldiers are also to go to Germany.

In the future, more than seven times more soldiers than before will be ready in emergency situations. The signal to Moscow is clear: the US superpower will not abandon its NATO partners!

“Putin wanted to finalize Europe. It will get the nationalization of Europe, ”said Biden, referring to decades of Finland’s neutrality. “That’s exactly what he didn’t want. But that is what must happen to guarantee the security of Europe. ”

NATO will be able to “counter threats from all directions and in all areas – land, air and sea,” Biden told Madrid.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg spoke of “a fundamental change in our defense and deterrence.”

And this is how the US president wants to make Europe a safe fortress against Putin’s Russia:

▶ ︎ W Poland For the first time, permanent US troops are to be stationed in order to secure NATO’s eastern flank. Because: Recently, Russian incitement to war against Poland and the Baltic states has increased enormously.

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▶ ︎ Moreover, Biden admits Poland will create a military headquarters for the US V Corps, and a new field support battalion is to be deployed.

▶ ︎ W Romania and the Baltic States rotating US troops will be further strengthened.

According to the concept approved on Wednesday, the existing NATO multinational battle groups on the eastern flank are to be expanded to the brigade level. For example, the unit in Lithuania currently has 1,600 soldiers. A brigade usually consists of around 3,000 to 5,000 troops. The Germans have already announced that they want to command the Brigade of Combat Forces in Lithuania.

▶ ︎ There will be two additional squadrons with modern F35 fighters Great Britain shipped.

︎ The US is strengthening its air defense in Europe and sending more troops to this end Germany and Italy. 625 US troops are sent to Germany.

▶ ︎ After Spain two new US destroyers are deployed. This means that six destroyers are stationed there.

Biden called the summit in the Spanish capital “historic”. This is a clear signal to Russian President Vladimir Putin (69) that he cannot subject Europe to his influence.

The United States currently has around 100,000 troops stationed in Europe. Celeste Wallander, Secretary of State for International Security at the US Department of Defense, emphasized that the permanent stationing of US troops in Poland is in line with the NATO-Russia Founding Act. Because: Soldiers are not combat troops.

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Wallander continued: “The countries on the eastern flank face an increased threat from the Russian leadership, which has shown the willingness and ability to conduct military attacks against neighboring countries.”

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