Nearly 600,000 Android and iPhone apps removed for security reasons: what’s the matter

In an increasingly application-oriented context like the one we live in, online securityour and our data are very fundamental and they know it well too Apple As well as Google, or two realities that now divide the entire mobile device market. In recent years, the two giants have been careful to keep their app stores clean. But they didn’t always succeed.

L’App Store Apple and Game Store Google are the official sites from which every day millions of users download and install applications on their mobile devices. In spite of enhanced security measures adopted in both Cupertino and Mountain View, often and willingly, some malicious developers manage to bypass these security measures and publish or make available for download to unsuspecting users malicious applications that are apparently harmless, which hide viruses of various kinds or which, in another way jeopardize security phone or user. A recent quarterly report shows that Apple and Google have removed more than half a million apps from their stores, mostly for security reasons.

Removed over half a million apps

The report we mentioned above is the latest quarterly report, referring to the second quarter of 2022. pixalata platform specialized in fraud protection, privacy and compliance analysis for CTV (Internet Connected Screens) and mobile advertising.

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The main evidence emerging from the report is that Apple and Google continue to war on insecure apps and morally obsolete is present in their warehouses: two giants, in combination, well removed 592 thousand applications for iOS and Androidrespectively, from the App Store and Google Play Store, which is three times more than in the previous quarter.

Why Apple and Google are removing apps

Analyzing the numbers related to the type of apps removed, a figure emerges that highlights that Apple and Google’s underlying problem was somewhat different: the number of apps removed from the App Store. Apple64% consisted of legacy appsor apps that haven’t been updated for at least two years; concerning Google Play Store percentage drops to 20%; as a result, Apple’s crusade has been primarily directed against legacy applications, while Google has focused more on this problem. safety.

In general, all remote applications risked endangering the privacy and security of users: many of them hid inside them. malicious code which left traces in smartphones, despite the removal of the application itself.

Just to give out some information regarding Applecolossus removed approx. 49 thousand applications are recognized as suspicious and for kids, just under 200 apps for families and 35 apps for Sberbanksanctioned Russian state-owned company, and also launched a real purge of applications in the Health and Fitness section.

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