New evidence of missing British and scientists in Brazil

New evidence of missing British and scientists in Brazil

New tips in the Brazilian Amazon Jungle

Backpack found by a missing researcher and British journalist

A local researcher and British journalist are missing in the wilderness of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. Personal belongings of both were discovered. There is growing concern that they have both been killed by criminals.

Published: 4:59 a.m.


Updated: 5:02 AM

Brazilian authorities found the personal belongings of the missing British journalist, The House of Phillips and local expert Bruno Pereira, in the Amazon rainforest. Previously, it was said that possible human remains had been discovered.

“Objects of missing persons were found: a medical card, black pants, a black sandal and a pair of shoes belonging to Bruno Pereira, as well as a pair of shoes and a backpack belonging to the Phillips House with personal clothing,” he explained. federal police on sunday.

According to the fire brigade, the items were found “near the house” of the 41-year-old suspect. Investigators arrested him on Wednesday. According to the police, drugs and assault rifle cartridges were found with him during random checks.

Dangerous area

Witnesses said they saw a man chasing Phillips and Pereira’s boat. Traces of blood were later found in the man’s boat. Then the authorities began searching the vicinity of his home. The human remains discovered during a search in the Amazon rainforest on Friday did not seem to come from either of the two missing persons, authorities have now announced.

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Phillips, 57, who regularly writes for the UK Guardian as a freelance journalist, and Pereira, an expert on indigenous peoples, were researching a book on violence against indigenous peoples in the Javari Valley near the Peruvian border.

Two men have been missing for a week. There are miners, poachers and drug gangs in the region. According to indigenous organizations, the men were previously intimidated. (AFP / kes)

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