Night of San Lorenzo: where to watch shooting stars in Puglia

The magical Night of San Lorenzo is coming and if you’re spending your holidays in Puglia, here are the best places to watch shooting stars and make wishes.

night San Lorenzo Puglia

Shooting stars in Puglia: the best places to see them

There Night San Lorenzo everyone, young and old, is waiting for it with slight trepidation, because this is a magical and romantic night. Everyone is always looking for the best place to see the stars. There Apulia this is a great place to watch the tears of San Lorenzo. To do this, move away from light sources. For example, with trekking on clear paths reflecting the light of the moon. In order not to face dangers at night, it is better to leave with the guides they organize. excursions at night San Lorenzo. As well as Millenari di Puglia, a tour association that also takes care of the protection of the monumental Apulian olive trees. The guides will take you through farms, caves, olive trees and beaches with a stop to take pictures falling stars.

beaches they are one of the most popular places to spend Night San Lorenzo, especially the more secluded and wild ones. At the same time, in Puglia there are plenty to choose from, and after a day spent on the beach, you can simply decide to stay until late in the evening. Always pay attention to the rules of the place: it is forbidden to make fires and it is necessary to leave it clean. For an extraordinary experience, you can choose Archaeological Park of Monte Sannase. Here you can observe the tears of San Lorenzo and the Moon through astronomical binoculars and the planets Jupiter and Saturn through a telescope.

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