No denials from Slava Bykov after blatant statements by Ukraine

No denials from Slava Bykov after blatant statements by Ukraine

Despite the bad war speech

Gottéron does not shake Bykov’s honorary role

The Freiburg hockey icon Slava Byków (62) had problems with his statements about the war in Ukraine. But at Gotteron’s Stadium, his name should still be ennobled.

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Marcel Alleman and Bruno Hayoz

Slava Bykow (61) no longer holds official positions. But the statements from your former player, coach, advisor and board of directors are very problematic for HC Friborg-Gottéron. On the one hand, he does not do his son Andrej (34) who is currently still playing for the club and therefore is in a sports display case which is a harm. On the other hand, in gratitude for his sports merits, a plaque with the name of Sława Bykowa hangs in the BCF Arena.

On Thursday (in Blick) there were shocking statements by Bykov, in which a Russian, naturalized since 2003 in Switzerland, approves of the military actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin (69) in Ukraine. And compared to the Russian internet portal “Absatz” says, among other things: “As a decent Russian, I support Russia’s aid to the Donbas.” Or about Volodymyr Zelensky (44), the president of Ukraine: “Is there a president there? It’s just a puppet show. “

Byków does not want to comment on his statements

Did Bykov actually say that? Or maybe these words were put into his mouth by the Russian propaganda machine? The hockey legend did not answer Blick’s questions. After the excitement in Saan, Bykov sent a message to the local newspaper, La Liberté. With unclear content: “I don’t want to comment on this report in the Russian media. The only message I can send with any clarity is that I am absolutely against the war in Ukraine or anywhere else in the world. “

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The denial sounds different. Consequently, the fact that his name remains on the plaque in the stadium is actually an unacceptable situation. In addition to the plates of other club legends such as Gil Montandon and Mario Rottaris. President Hubert Waeber says: “We condemn the war in Ukraine and the actions of President Putin.” But he also says: “What Taurus says about it is his personal affair and is not commented on by anyone in the club.” Waeber wants the Taurus board to stand up: “Byków has been officially honored for Gotteron’s sporting achievements.”

There is also an honorary FASEL roll

But you can see that the club has its problems in the new ornate arena with plaques. Because the name of René Fasel (72) is also mentioned on one of them. The former president of the IIHF from Freiburg also sparked outrage at the cynical remarks after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine in early March. At the World Cup in Finland, he was subsequently declared an undesirable person by the host. But his honorary role at the Freiburg stadium is still present.

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