Norwegian politician fighting on the front in Ukraine

Norwegian politician fighting on the front in Ukraine

She was one of the first to volunteer for the war and one of the first at the front. Sandra Eira (35) was until last year a member of the parliament of the Norwegian Sami minority. But now the former MP is fighting the troops of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin (69), as reported by Nexta.

When she heard about the invasion of Ukraine, she did not hesitate. She left her homeland and went to war. Only the closest family members were privy to the plan at first.

Everyone knows by now. But hardly anyone was surprised she did, says Eira “abc nyheter”. He is a fisherman and the captain of a fishing trawler. He has been at sea for over ten years and knows what danger means. “If I was afraid of death, I would never be able to work at sea.”

“Always be prepared for grenades and rockets”

But, of course, war is different from fishing, the warrior admits. Especially in the beginning, she had an impressive experience. The sounds of rockets, gunshots and explosions were especially troubling. In the meantime, she has gotten used to it and may even fall asleep easily. He can’t say where he is right now. Too dangerous!

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That’s all: “We are always on standby and always on the move, and we have to be prepared for missiles and rockets at all times,” says Eira. But the biggest challenge is re-processing the horror experience. Pictures in your head. Eira: “That’s when the hard fight begins.”

He cannot say how long he will stay there. The Norwegian is currently optimistic. He wants to continue fighting Putin’s troops and help Ukraine to defend its freedom.

Former marines in the war in Ukraine: “I want my child not to have to experience this” (01:28)

It has repulsed 14 Russian attacks

Heavy fighting continues in the Donbas in eastern Ukraine. “The enemy is leading an offensive in the area of ​​Łysychańsk and Siewjerodonecka,” the Ukrainian General Staff announced on Friday in its situation report. According to information from Kiev, the Ukrainian troops managed to repel the attack on Siewjerodonetsk, and fighting continues in the suburbs of Toszczkiwka.

A few kilometers to the south, on the regional border of Lugansk and Donetsk, fighting is fought for the villages of Vyskava and Olexandropilja, about ten kilometers east of the town of Bakhmut. This is considered to be another strategic indirect target of the Russian attacks. According to the situational report, Russian offensive efforts have had as little success here as the ongoing assault attempts at Avdivka and Kurakhov. A total of 14 attacks were repulsed in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

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In the Kharkiv region, where the Ukrainians have launched a counteroffensive in recent weeks, Kyiv has been unable to report any further territorial gains. Here, the Russians concentrated on defending their front line. It is said that there are fights going on around Ternowa and Wesele. The reports could not be independently verified.

The Russians are destroying the aid center near Kharkiv

Rocket attack at night: Russians destroy aid center near Kharkiv (00:53)

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