PlayStation 5 DualSense Edge introduction: images and controller specs

During the opening ceremony that kicked off Gamescom 2022, Sony officially unveiled the DualSense Edge: here are all the details on the new PS5 controller from the inevitable details posted on the PlayStation Blog to celebrate the new addition to the PS5 controller family.

Curated by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s “institutional blog”, the explanatory note explores the topics mentioned in the DualSense Edge presentation video and highlights the new features and hardware features of the new PlayStation 5 controller aimed at professionals. players. Here’s a summary:

  • Ultra customizable controls with reassignment of buttons, deactivation of buttons and improvement of the system for adjusting the sensitivity of analog sticks of relative “dead zones”. Each trigger is configurable with options allowing you to tailor the move to your preference.
  • Controller Profile Saving System: DualSense Edge lets you save your ideal controller settings into unique profiles that you can change on the fly.
  • User interface on the controller: By pressing the dedicated Fn button, you can easily configure the pads without taking your eyes off the screen or disturbing the rhythm of your gameplay. The Fn key allows you to quickly switch between saved profiles, adjust game volume, and balance chat sounds.
  • Interchangeable analog sticks and rear buttons: The DualSense Edge includes three different types of interchangeable joysticks (standard hood, high dome and low dome) and two sets of rear buttons (half dome and lever) that are also easily interchangeable to suit your needs and the video games you play on the PlayStation. 5.
  • Replaceable stick modulesThe new PS5 Pro Controller comes with two fully removable stick modules. Replacement stick modules will be sold separately.
  • Ergonomics and design: The Edge DualSense model uses and adapts the comfort and capabilities offered by the “basic” DualSense, including advanced features such as haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, built-in microphone, motion controls, and more.
  • AccessoriesA: The DualSense Edhe controller comes with a USB Type C cable and a carrying bag that will allow players to charge the pad via a USB connection while it is stored inside.

While waiting for the launch date and estimated marketing price, at the bottom of the news you will find the first official images of the DualSense Edge controller.


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