PlayStation Showcase in September 2022: find out the date from another insider

Check possible confirmation, always unofficial, of the existence Playstation showcase in September, this time also with one date indicates:September 8, 2022although obviously everything should be taken solely as a rumor.

State the date in question Nick “Speschal Nick” Bakera journalist and insider with a past that was not entirely flawless with forecasts, but also showed that he has some kind of connection with the industry, so a priori it cannot be ruled out that he may be right.

Everything should be taken with a pinch of salt, but according to Speschal Nick, this is the date when the next Sony presentation should take place: according to what he allegedly heard about September 8 from an unidentified source who could have received this information from three other different sources.

It’s hard to give an estimate at this point, but the PlayStation Showcase in September will also be in line with what another insider revealed, namely Dusk Golem, who talked about Sony’s showcase for next month a few days ago.

Since we’re talking specifically about the PlayStation Showcase, this could be an event of a certain caliber considering that’s the name Sony uses to refer to larger, longer presentations that include announcements, trailers and information significant interest.

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Previously, Nick Baker also talked about a possible presentation in August, but then corrected the information, saying that it was postponed to next month. In any case, we are waiting for any confirmation or denial about this.


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