PlayStation sued for 6 billion. “Steal from players with his shop”

Sony is being targeted by consumers in the UK for allegedly illegal behavior in terms of competition in the PlayStation Store.

Billionaire lawsuit pending against Sony PlayStation over £5bn complaint (equals almost 5.9 billion euros) by nine million signatories for “robbing people” of overpriced games and in-app purchases on the PlayStation Store. Litigation is a collective action that originated in the United Kingdom and was carried out by Alex Neil, who is very active in the field of consumer protection.

Case figures –

According to Neil, Sony violated competition law, an issue it recently clashed with Microsoft over, by abusing its market power by imposing unfair terms on developers and publishers, forcing them to raise prices for consumers. According to him, a Japanese house would boot 30% commission on every digital game and in-app purchase through the PlayStation Store. Over the last six years, the figure driven by this inflated price will collectively reach almost 6 billion and anyone who has shopped from the UK digital store since 19 August 2016 will be eligible for a refund. The estimated damages for each member of the class action will be between £67 and £562, excluding interest.

Sony PlayStation in trouble? –

“The ball goes to the Sony PlayStation,” Neil told Sky News. “With this lawsuit, I am defending millions of people in the UK who have been unknowingly overcharged. We believe that Sony has abused its position and robbed its customers. Games have become the largest entertainment industry in the UK to television, video and music, and many vulnerable people rely on games to communicate and communicate. Sony stock is costing people who can’t afford it millions, especially as we’re in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis and consumer wallets are shrinking like never before.” Sony PlayStation has not yet commented on the lawsuit.

August 22, 2022 – 12:59 pm


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