President of Ukraine Zelenskiy visits Buczan

President of Ukraine Zelenskiy visits Buczan

President of Ukraine Zelenskiy visits Buczan

A Ukrainian, Dmytro Lisowyj, was hiding for two weeks in the basement of his house in Bucza, when the Russians attacked the nearby area “every day and night”.

Russian troops were ‘present in the streets. Maybe from the fourth or fifth day they decided to check all the houses. They came to our home. They destroyed all electronic devices in our house, including laptops, including televisions and so on, Lisowyj told CNN.

As soldiers tried to find smartphones, Lisovyy said his family hid their current phones and gave up the old ones.

“Thanks to this, we have some connection with the world. We understand what is happening and what time may be for evacuation, ”he said.

Lisovvy also spoke about the horrors of life at that time.

“It was terrible to understand that something could fly into your house at any minute. Besides, it can just come and kill someone or destroy some of your belongings, ”he said.

Eventually, he and his family decided to take a chance and use the escape route to escape.

The territory was “wholly controlled by Russian troops. During our evacuation, the Russians destroyed many civilian cars. We saw it. the family started to flee.

They are now safe and Lisovyy spoke to CNN in Kiev. However, many of his friends still remain in Bucza.

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“My friends, unfortunately, [are] still in this neighborhood without any connection for a long time. Nobody knows if they survived or if everything is fine – he said.

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