Pulse Compact # 16 – Three Tips for More Exercise – Knowledge

Pulse Compact # 16 – Three Tips for More Exercise – Knowledge

Tip one: Go on a treasure hunt

For example, with geocaching. Modern treasure hunts work all over the world. It will take you to unknown, interesting places. The goal of the field game is to track down a symbolic treasure using an app or GPS device. You decide how many cans you want to search for and how far you go to find them. Each treasure found is worth one game point. The ranking list and the attractiveness of unknown places are motivational boosters.

Tip two: Make Switzerland cleaner

Move around and do something for nature and the environment at the same time. The littering area around them causes animal diseases, pollutes the water and spoils the landscape. Most waste takes decades to decompose completely. Collect garbage in your community. Or take part in an organized cleaning action. Such campaigns take place regularly in Switzerland. In half a day, a few thousand steps add up quickly. True to the motto: Move with traffic.

Tip three: Walking the dog

Everyone who has a dog moves more – a four-legged friend motivates us to go outside, every day and in any weather. you don’t have a dog Then arrange one. Is there a four-legged friend in your immediate vicinity that you can walk on? Many animal shelters take their dogs for walks. There are even digital platforms that connect dog owners and dog lovers. A win-win situation for the benefit of humans and animals.

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