Quick answer: How do I set up the Apache web server on Linux step by step?

When you have an account available, log in as a non-root user to get started.


Quick answer: How do I set up the Apache web server on Linux step by step?

  • Step 1: Install Apache.
  • Step 2: Adjust the firewall.
  • Step 3: Check your web server.
  • Step 4: Manage the Apache process.
  • Step 5: Familiarize yourself with important Apache files and directories.

How to install and configure Apache web server on Ubuntu?

How to Install Apache Web Server on Ubuntu 18.04 [Quickstart]

  • Step 1 – Install Apache. Apache is available in Ubuntu’s default software repositories, so you can install it using conventional package management tools.
  • Step 2 – Adjust the firewall. Check the available ufw application profiles:
  • Step 3 – Verify your web server.
  • Step 4 – Configuring Virtual Hosts (recommended)

How do I start Apache server on Linux?

systemctl command

  • Run apache command: $ sudo systemctl start apache2.service.
  • apache stop command: $ sudo systemctl stop apache2.service.
  • apache restart command: $ sudo systemctl restart apache2.service.
  • The apache2ctl command can be used to stop or start the Apache web server on any Linux or UNIX distribution.

How to start Apache on Ubuntu?

Debian/Ubuntu Linux-specific commands to start/stop/restart Apache

  • Restart the Apache web server 2, type: # /etc/init.d/apache2 restart. OR SO. $ sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart.
  • To stop the Apache web server 2, type: # /etc/init.d/apache2 stop. OR SO.
  • To start Apache Web Server 2, type: # /etc/init.d/apache2 start. OR SO.

What is an Apache web server on Linux?

Apache is the most commonly used web server on Linux systems. Web servers are used to serve Web pages requested by client computers. This configuration is called LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl/Python/PHP) and forms a powerful and robust platform for developing and deploying web applications.

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How do I enable Apache modules?

Enable different Apache modules

  • Enable the LDAP module. Edit the main Apache configuration file located in installdir/apache2/conf/httpd.conf. Uncomment the mod_authnz_ldap line and add the mod_ldap line to the end of the LoadModule section:
  • Restart the Apache server and verify that it is already enabled: use sudo only if the stack has been installed as root.


How to open a configuration file in Ubuntu?

Open the “Terminal” program and open the Orchid configuration file in the nano text editor using the following command: sudo nano /etc/opt/orchid_server.properties.

How do I start Apache Tomcat on Linux?

How to Start and Stop Apache Tomcat from the Command Line (Linux)

  • Start a terminal window from the menu bar.
  • Type sudo service tomcat7 start and press Enter:
  • You will receive the following message indicating that the server is started:
  • To stop the Tomcat server, type sudo service tomcat7 start, and then press Enter in the original terminal window:
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How do I start an HTTP service on Linux?

To make matters worse, things are changing. I remember that at the time, to start or stop a Linux service, I had to open a terminal window, switch to the /etc/rc.d/ file (or /etc/init.d, depending on the distribution I was using), locate the service and run the /etc/rc.d/SERVICE start command. stop.

What is an Apache server and how does it work?

How does the Apache web server work? Although we call Apache a web server, it is not a physical server, but rather software that runs on a server. The server and client communicate via http and Apache is responsible for the smooth and secure communication between the two machines.

How do I host a website on Linux?

Linux: How to host a website on a Linux machine

  • Step 1: Install the software. To start the installation of our LAMP software, type the following in the terminal: sudo apt install apache2 mysql-server php libapache2-mod-php7.0.
  • Step 2: Check PHP.
  • Step 3: Check MySQL.
  • Step 4: Configure DNS.
  • Step 5: Configure Apache.

How to start a lamp in Ubuntu?


  • Install Ubuntu.
  • Open a kiosk.
  • Installing additional tasks In your terminal, type: sudo taskbar and press Enter.
  • Select the Lamp Server task, press the Tab, and then press enter to install.
  • Set MySQL password for root account It may ask you to set the password twice.

How to start phpmyadmin in Ubuntu?

Install phpMyAdmin from Ubuntu Packages

  • Step 1: Update the package index.
  • Step 2: Install the phpMyAdmin package.
  • Step 3: Configure the phpMyAdmin package.
  • Enable the PHP mcrypt module.
  • Restart Apache.
  • Step 1: Modify the Apache configuration of phpMyAdmin.
  • Step 2: Restart Apache to accept the configuration changes.
  • Step 3: Create an .htaccess file.

What is the use of the Apache web server?

Apache is the most widely used web server software. Developed and maintained by Apache Software Foundation, Apache is open source software available for free. It runs on 67% of all web servers in the world. It’s fast, reliable and secure.

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How is Apache coded?

Apache HTTP Server, colloquially referred to as Apache (/əˈpætʃi/ ə-PATCH-ee), is free and open source cross-platform web server software, released under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license.

Apache HTTP server.

Original author(s) Robert McCool
Written in C, XML
Operator system Unix-like, Windows
Beat web server
License Apache 2.0 License

8 other rows

How do I download the Apache server?

Open Windows Services and start the Apache HTTP server. Open a web browser and type the IP address of the machine in the address bar and press Enter.

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Step 2:

  • Open a command prompt.
  • Navigate to the c:/Apache24/bin directory.
  • Run the httpd.exe -k install -n “Apache HTTP Server” command to add Apache as a Windows service.

What are Apache modules?

In computing, Apache, an open source HTTP server, includes a small kernel for processing HTTP requests/responses and for multi-process modules (MPMs) that distribute data processing to threads and/or processes. Many additional modules (or “mods”) are available to extend the basic functionality for special purposes.

How do I uninstall apache2?

How to uninstall and remove Apache2 on Ubuntu or Debian

  • $ sudo service apache2 stop. Then uninstall Apache2 and its dependent packages. Use the purge option instead of deleting with the apt-get command.
  • $ sudo apt-get purge apache2 apache2-utils apache2.2-bin apache2-common. $sudo apt-get automatic deletion.
  • $ where is apache2. apache2: /etc/apache2.
  • $ sudo rm -rf /etc/apache2.

How do I disable Apache modules?

To add or remove a specific feature to the Apache server, we can simply enable or disable the corresponding module.

  • Enable the module in Apache2. We use the a2enmod command to enable the modules on the Apache2 web server.
  • Disable the module in Apache2. Similarly to disable the module, we use the a2dismod command.
  • Reload the Apache2 configuration.

How do I save the configuration on Linux?

How to Save File in Vi/Vim Editor on Linux

  • Press ‘i’ to insert the mode into the Vim editor. Once you have edited a file, press [Esc] switch to command mode and press :w and press [Enter] as shown below.
  • Save the file to Vim. To save the file and exit at the same time, you can use the ESC and :X enter keys.
  • Save and exit the file in Vim.

How do I open a configuration file as an administrator?

Open your Windows Start menu, locate the Notepad app, and then right-click the notebook icon. Step 2. Choose “Run as administrator, and then, inside the notebook, navigate to the folder (/windows/system32/drivers/etc) that contains the hosts file.

How to open file with Linux extension?

Part 1 Opening the terminal

  • Open the terminal.
  • Type ls in Terminal, and then press ↵ Enter.
  • Find a directory where you want to create a text file.
  • Type cd directory.
  • Press Enter.
  • Choose a text editing program.
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Is Apache a web server or an application server?

Apache HTTP Server and Tomcat are two of these software. Apache Tomcat – Welcome! is just a web server that can handle Servlet and JSP technologies. Apache TomEE is the enterprise version of tomcat that can be considered more of an application server.

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What is an HTTP server used for?

A Web server is a program that uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to serve the files that form Web pages to users, in response to their requests, that are transmitted by the HTTP clients on their computers.

How does the Apache server work on Linux?

The Apache server integrates very easily with other open source applications, such as PHP and MySQL, making it even more powerful than it already is. A web server in its simplest form is a computer with special software and an Internet connection that allows it to connect to other devices.

How many default servers can you configure?

In the above configuration, the default server is the first, which is the standard default behavior of nginx. It can also be explicitly set which server should be by default, with the parameter default_server in the listen directive: server { listen 80 default_server; nom_serveur example.net www.example.net; }

How do I check the version of Apache?

You can also check the version of Apache from WebHost Manager:

  • In the left WHM menu, locate the Server Status section and click Apache Status. You can start typing “Apache” in the search menu to quickly narrow down the choices.
  • The current version of Apache will be displayed next to the server version on the Apache status page.

What is a web server used for?

The main function of a web server is to store, process, and provide web pages to clients. Communication between the client and the server takes place via the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

How do I install Apache web server on Linux?

To start Apache/httpd, use the command below. 3) To install the Apache server in Debian Linux, please use the following command. 1) You need to upload files to /var/www/html under RHEL/CentOS/Fedora Linux operating system. 2) You need to upload files to /var/www/ under the Debian or Ubuntu Linux operating system.

How do I install httpd?

Install Apache and PHP on CentOS 6

  • Install Apache. Use the following steps to install Apache:
  • Open the port to run Apache. Apache runs on port 80.
  • Test the Apache installation. Navigate to the IP address of your cloud server (for example,
  • Configure Apache to run automatically.
  • Install PHP and reload Apache.

What is an Apache project?

The Apache Software Foundation is a decentralized open source developer community. Apache projects are characterized by a collaborative and consensual development process and an open and pragmatic software license.

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