Return of the ex-president?  – Musk wants to unblock Trump on Twitter – News

Return of the ex-president? – Musk wants to unblock Trump on Twitter – News

  • Twitter’s designated owner, Elon Musk, wants to lift the ban on the platform by former US President Donald Trump.
  • The decision to ban Trump was “morally wrong and just plain stupid,” criticized the Tesla boss in a video interview at a Financial Times event.
  • Trump was banned from Twitter shortly after the storming of the United States Capitol.

On Twitter, Trump expressed his sympathy for his supporters who stormed the Capitol in Washington on January 6, 2021. In the previous weeks, Trump has fueled sentiment with unsubstantiated claims that the electoral victory against Joe Biden was stolen in a fraudulent manner.

Musk said the ban on Trump on Twitter was a mistake as large sections of the American public disagreed with it. And it didn’t mean that the former president was no longer able to be heard.

The former president now has his own platform

Trump recently said he doesn’t want to go back to Twitter even if he could. Being on the platform, where he used to have over 80 million followers, may be important for his possible candidacy in the presidential election in 2024. Trump was very actively using Twitter to mobilize his followers and create an atmosphere. Currently, he is trying to build his own social platform, which is struggling with the problems of start-ups.

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It will be a while before it is clear if Musk can hijack Twitter. He agreed to an approximately $ 44 billion deal with Twitter’s board of directors, but still depends on enough shareholders to cede their shares to him. Twitter and Musk plan to finalize the acquisition by the end of the year.

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