Rudolf Steiner School – Daniele Ganser appears at school as an expert on the war in Ukraine – News

Rudolf Steiner School – Daniele Ganser appears at school as an expert on the war in Ukraine – News


The controversial historian appeared on Wednesday morning in Basel at the Rudolf Steiner school. The event took place during the classes. Parents are outraged.

The war in Ukraine occupies the students of the Rudolf Steiner School in Basel. Great is the desire to clarify. Therefore, on Wednesday morning, the school management organized a lecture on the war in Ukraine. The choice of the speaker, however, is explosive: it is the controversial Basel historian Daniele Ganser. Once regarded as an exemplary professor at various Swiss universities, many now scold him for being a conspiracy theorist.

For years, the 49-year-old has acted as a scientist, as a historian who sheds light on power structures and sheds light on complex world politics from every possible angle. Daniele Ganser polarizes. He is no longer allowed to lecture at various Swiss universities and colleges because he is not working to scientific standards.

It’s really strange that the Rudolf Steiner School organizes such an event in class.

The event on Wednesday morning was held in front of 150 high school students, i.e. in grades 9 to 12. The student’s father reacted in shock: “It is really strange that the Rudolf Steiner School is organizing such an event in the classroom.”

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Criticism: Ganser advances the Kremlin’s theses

The reason for excitement is the theses of Daniele Ganser regarding the war between Russia and Ukraine. While it condemns Russian aggression, it also takes the position that the real aggressor is the United States. Ganser strongly believes that the Maidan protests in 2013 and 2014 were orchestrated by the United States. Ganser talks about a CIA coup.

This is a thesis that the Kremlin has been promoting for a long time.

According to Ulrich Schmid, professor of Russian culture and society at St. Gallen, this is a totally untenable theory. This is Russian state propaganda. “This is a theory that the Kremlin has been promoting for a long time. Indeed, many US NGOs gave money to rebuild civil society after the collapse of the Soviet Union. But the assertion that what happened in Maidan was a coup d’état orchestrated by America is wrong. “

Students should form their own opinion

The school itself in the run-up to the event was hardly visible. The show could not be found on the website of Rudolf Steiner School in Basel, nor on the website of Daniele Ganser. The school management only wanted to comment in writing on Radio SRF. The lecture by Daniele Ganser is part of the entire series of lectures on the Ukrainian war. And further: it is clear that Ganser’s theses would be discussed controversially. The aim is to encourage students to listen to controversial theses and form their own opinion. Daniele Ganser did not respond to Radio SRF’s request.

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