Russia can continue to operate for a long time

Russia can continue to operate for a long time

More than four months have passed since the escalation of the war in Ukraine. The expert says: Russia has sufficient resources to continue the project.

The war in Ukraine Russian soldiers in the captured city of Melitopol. – The keystone


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  • The war in Ukraine could go on for a long time, says Chancellor Olaf Scholz.
  • One expert agrees: Moscow has sufficient resources for this.
  • However, one limitation may be military personnel.

The war in Ukraine has dominated the headlines since February. Large-scale fights have been going on in the country of Eastern Europe for several months. The big question is how long will the war last?

According to Olaf Scholz, there is no end in sight. Nobody knows exactly when the Russians run out of weapons and money for war, told US broadcaster CBS News.

Olaf Scholz Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) speaks in a press statement at the G7 summit in Elmau. One of the topics of the meeting was the Ukrainian war. – dpa

In an interview at the NATO meeting in Madrid, the German chancellor stated: “Putin will be able to continue the war for a long time.”

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As the reason, Scholz cites Putin’s work before the special operation: “He has been preparing for a long time.” The SPD suspects that the head of the Kremlin made the decision to start the war at least a year earlier.

Russia is running out of soldiers in the war in Ukraine

Russia expert Ulrich Schmid agrees with Scholz’s forecast. An expert from St. Gallen University, when asked, says: “Russia certainly has the technical military resources to continue this war for a long time.”

The problem, however, is the staffing situation, according to Schmid. «There are no soldiers. The Kremlin wants to avoid mobilization in Russia at all costs. “

vladimir putin the war in ukraine Vladimir Putin on April 14, when the war in Ukraine was long overdue.Ukrainian war Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in an informal military gaze during a video speech.

It is difficult to say exactly how long the Ukrainian war will last. For Schmid, however, it is clear: “Putin will declare victory and will only try to stabilize the attack area if the result is noteworthy.”

In any case, Russia did not expect such a long special operation. Moscow just underestimated Kiev, says Schmid. “From the Russian point of view, no massive resistance from Ukraine was expected at all. Even now, there is a guerrilla war that Russia will not be easy to contain. ‘

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Do you think the Ukrainian war will last a long time?

The West, however, has high hopes that the sanctions will be effective. Chancellor Scholz believes that this is detrimental to Vladimir Putin and his economy and is aware of it.

The Chancellor told CBS News: “But Putin won’t really admit it.” It is doubtful, however, whether the sanctions can actually shorten the duration of the war in Ukraine.

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