Russia “strategically lost” the war

Russia “strategically lost” the war

The head of the British armed forces is sure

Russia “strategically lost” the war

Russia has already “strategically lost” the war in Ukraine. The country is now a “weakened power”. So says Admiral Tony Radakin, head of the British armed forces, who analyzes the situation.

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Admiral Sir Tony Radakin (56), head of the British armed forces, is closely monitoring the situation in Ukraine. The military expert now explains that Russia has already “strategically lost” the war in Ukraine and is now a “weakened power”.

According to the PA news agency “Independent”, Radakin claims that Putin has already lost a lot and made only “small” gains. According to the expert, the Russian armed forces may achieve “tactical victories” in the coming weeks, but not take over all of Ukraine.

“Russia has failed”

Any thought that the war was a success is “rubbish”. He is clear: “Russia has failed.” The war was a terrible mistake of Russia. Vladimir Putin (69) will never take control of Ukraine.

Then he says: “Russia has already lost strategically.” Russia was forced to abandon its goal of capturing most of Ukrainian cities. Now Russia is waging a tactical battle.

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Putin may run out of missiles

Radakin says: “Russia has weak points because its soldiers are running out, Putin is running out of high-tech missiles.” An expert predicted in May that this could happen.

Russia is now diplomatically and economically a “weaker power” than it was a few months ago, he says now. Nevertheless, fierce fighting is currently taking place in eastern Ukraine, with losses to both sides.

Interview with a Ukrainian MP

Straight from Kharkiv: Ukrainian parliamentarian in an interview (00:53)

A hard battle in the east

Admiral Radakin says he is in contact with his Ukrainian counterpart, General Valeriy Załużny (48). He also talks about the “hard battle” in the east.

However, Radakin is confident that Ukraine will win in the long run. Even if it may take a while. He says: “They are brilliant in the fight against the Russians.” Britain will continue to provide the weapons that Ukraine is asking for, the expert said. (ue)

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