Russian journalists deserted Putin’s propaganda war – news

Russian journalists deserted Putin’s propaganda war – news


Tatiana Ulyanova does not mince words: “Anyone who hides a crime is also responsible for it,” she told the daily Rundschau. He knows what he’s talking about. A few weeks after the war broke out, she was commissioned to edit a video as a producer for NTV. The shelling of the Mariupol maternity hospital must be dismissed as false news.

“Then I suggested that I make a video of this attack and show the victims. They said, “No, there can’t be any people in the photos. Show only destroyed houses, no people. ” I then wrote for a family chat that I would probably be leaving soon. Because now they make me say that the attack on the maternity hospital is false. ”

Literary researcher Sylvia Sasse investigates Russian disinformation. “Basically, the Russian people are portrayed with the whole world upside down. From time to time everything is reversed, ‘says a professor at the University of Zurich.

Putin is aggressive, but says Russia is defending itself. The war itself is also portrayed in the media as false, like theater. In this way, the alleged fake news is exposed on state television. According to this cruelty, Bucza should be a pure staging of the West.

The fact that Russia liberates Ukraine from the Nazis by this war sounds absurd to Western ears. But the Russian narrative of supposedly fascist Ukraine is old. And since the Maidan protests in Kiev in 2013, the media has been spreading it.

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At the time, Farida Kurbangaleeva was a news reader on the state-run TV station Russia 1. She says the station has been transformed from news to propaganda.

It is clear to Kurbangaleeva that Russia itself has a long-standing problem with years of disinformation among the population. “Even if Putin dies, the question is how to deal with all those people who know nothing but what they’ve seen on TV.”

Disinformation mills are still crumbling

Meanwhile, the wheels of disinformation continue to roll. Experts arouse hatred and uncertainty on a talk show every day. For example, they say that the West wants to annihilate Russian civilization. Or that Poland is planning an invasion of Ukraine.

Tatiana Uljanova currently lives in Spain. She was fired because she criticized the war on social media. After that, she felt threatened, asked for support from the Spanish consulate in Moscow and left the country. She currently lives in Barcelona with her boyfriend. It is not clear when he may return. Anyone in Russia who publicly objects to statements by the Ministry of Defense is facing criminal prosecution.

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