Russian troops are attacking Bakmut from the southeast

Russian troops are attacking Bakmut from the southeast

During the Ukrainian war, the Russians are approaching the Bakhmut junction. There is a threat of cutting off supplies to Siewierodoniecko.

Ukraine Russian air raids devastated a residential area in Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine. – Evgeniy MaƂoletka / AP / dpa


basic information at a glance

  • Fighting continues in eastern Ukraine.
  • Russian troops are attacking the Bakhmut communication junction.
  • The fights for Severodonetsk continue without major changes.

According to Ukrainian information, Russian troops have recently reached the Bakhmut transport hub in the ongoing heavy fighting in the Donbas. They are threatening to cut off supplies to the Siewierodoniecka administrative center.

“The enemy attacked in the direction of Vozdvishchenko – Rota, partially succeeded and settled in the positions taken,” the Ukrainian General Staff announced on Friday in its situation report. The villages are only about ten kilometers southwest of Bachmut. The road from Bachmut to Siewjerodoneck can also be shot at with heavy equipment from there.

He repelled Russia in several battles

On the other hand, the fights for the former town of Siewjerodoneck do not change much.

Russian troops tried to “continue unsuccessfully” to seize full control of the administrative center of the Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine, the General Staff said. The attackers were also knocked back in other battles around the city.

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Severodonetsk The destroyed chemical plant in Siewierodoniecko. In the battle for the great city in eastern Ukraine, it seems that between the military victories of Russia and Ukraine and the retreat to victory – dpa

Towards Slavyansk, another main strategic goal of the Russian military operation in Donbas, however, has so far returned to peace after the heavy fighting of the previous days. Active combat operations did not take place overnight, the Ukrainian general staff informed. However, Russian troops concentrated up to 30 tactical battalions north of the city, in the Sloboshanske area.

From other sectors of the front, Ukrainians mainly report artillery fire without active actions by the Russian ground forces.

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