Russian TV boasts about the destruction of the United States

Russian TV boasts about the destruction of the United States

The war in Ukraine raises concerns over the use of nuclear weapons. The Russian broadcaster is now boasting that it has the power to destroy the United States.

Ukrainian war The Russian Satan 2 rocket is said to be able to reach targets around the world. (icon image) – Keystone


basic information at a glance

  • According to the legislator, the US West Coast would be completely destroyed after two Satan’s missiles.
  • According to the Russian politician, “no one would be better” in a nuclear war.
  • Moreover, the Russian says that two million Ukrainians “must be destroyed”.

Possible nuclear attacks are again the subject of Russian state television. The recent threats by Russian MP Alexei Zhurawlov are also serious.

The trigger is the broadcast of the American broadcaster “CBS News”. In this, in late April, a possible nuclear attack on New York was simulated. A simulation bomb dropped on Hiroshima during World War II was used. A demonstration that Zhuravlyov finds ridiculous.

The war in Ukraine: “Nobody will be alright”

“You are so funny,” replied the MP on Russian television. “I’m telling you, it takes two Satan 2 missiles to destroy the entire East Coast of the United States.”

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The same goes for the west coast – “four rockets and nothing left.” A mushroom-shaped cloud would be visible from Mexico, continued Russian party leader Rodin.

Ukrainian war Alexei ┼╗urawliow Duma MP Alexei Zhuravliov boasts on the Russian state television of the power of the Satan 2 missiles in the war in Ukraine. – Twitter screenshot

One should not be under the illusion that “everything will be fine in a nuclear war. Nobody’s going to be okay.

According to Russia, the Satan 2 missile can carry up to 15 supersonic charges. They should be able to bypass all existing missile defense systems. According to Russian military sources, the explosive power of each warhead is more than 130 times greater than the atomic bomb in Hiroshima.

Two million people in the war in Ukraine “must be destroyed”

The Russian Duma deputy shocked the program with further statements about the war in Ukraine. Zhuravlyov mentions the extermination of two million Ukrainians.

The absurd propaganda continues: according to Russian research, three-quarters of all Ukrainians are against the removal of Soviet monuments from World War II. Only 19 percent would support it.

Are you afraid of using nuclear weapons?

If someone had “reinstalled” their brains correctly, they would have reached a maximum of five percent of the “incurable.” These approximately two million Ukrainians would have to leave the country or be completely “rennovated”, “that is, destroyed”.

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