SRF ranking – the best books of July – culture

SRF ranking – the best books of July – culture


Books for badi: This is the best July list with five literary awards from our jury in the countdown.

5. Juliet Lucadou: «Tick Tack» (13 points)

The cover of the book with the face of a young girl and the text

Legend: Julia Lucadou: «Tick Tack». Hanser Berlin 2022, 256 pages. Hanser Berlin 2022.

Teen Mette is passionate about TikToker. In her perception, the boundaries between the real and the virtual world are fluid. Along with the influential Jo, Mette has delusional ideas that traditional media is deceiving people of the truth.

With the crown pandemic, the situation suddenly became serious. A novel of social significance that, in terms of language and form, provides an original insight into the thinking and feelings of the young generation.

In Tick Tack, Julia von Lucadou voices the “community” of young people who exchange information almost exclusively digitally: fast-paced, narcissistic, often snotty, but behind a desperate battle for viral attention are vulnerable, insecure souls. The book couldn’t be more contemporary.

4. Nino Haratischwili: “No light” (17 points)

Book cover with jumping girls and women.

Legend: Nino Haratischwili: “No light”. Publishing house in Frankfurt 2022, 832 pages. Publishing house in Frankfurt

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Georgia in the 1990s Keto, Dina, Ira and Nene are growing up in the shadow of the civil war. They witness war, violence and brutalization. He is a witness to those pivotal moments where humans may or may not become beasts by acting like humans. These experiences leave deep scars in the lives of four friends. But their friendship keeps them alive.

Nino Haratischwili combines four individual fates with historical events so skillfully that one can experience the Georgian-Russian conditions of that time. References to the current situation in Ukraine come to mind.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Georgia plunges into chaos: with tenderness and epic breath, Nino Haratischwili tells the story of the self-defined journey of four friends through the world of naked violence and fragile manhood.

2. (equal points) Claudia Schumacher: “Love is powerful” (20 points)

Book cover with an illustration of a female face.

Legend: Claudia Schumacher: “Love is powerful”. dtv 2022, 76 pages. dtv

17-year-old Juli grows up in a supposedly model family. But there is a terror behind the curtains: she and her siblings are beaten by their father. And the mother, who is also beaten, denies everything. Because the image of an ideal family cannot be destroyed.

The peculiarity of Claudia Schumacher’s debut is a snotty voice. Juli describes “a huge pile of shit in the house” with anger, desperation and gallows humor.

Young woman experiencing domestic violence on her way to adulthood: out of breath, exciting, persuasive. A great debut.

2. (equal points) Lucy Fricke: “The Diplomat” (20 points)

Book cover with an illustration of the sea.

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Signature: Lucy Fricke: “The Diplomat”. Claassen 2022, 256 pages. class

Fred is around 40 years old and an experienced diplomat. In his new position as ambassador to Uruguay, he makes a serious mistake by misjudging the disappearance of a travel journalist. She is called back to Germany. But then a new chance opens up for her.

She is sent to Istanbul. Lucy Fricke is a good and critical political observer. He depicts the complexity of today’s realpolitik on the smooth, shiny floor of international relations with blunt humor. No slippage.

A clever, captivating political thriller with the message: If you want to make the world a better place, you can: with civil courage, caution and entrepreneurial spirit.

1. Rebekka Salm: “By Name” (27 points)

Deer antler book cover

Signature: Rebekka Salm: “Things by name.” Knapp Verlag 2022, 128 pages. Publisher Knapp

1984 on a winter night. 16-year-old Sandra is raped by Max, who is the same age. In a village of 500, everyone has their own version of this child sexual assault on their minds – even 35 years later. For example, Vollenweider watched from afar without intervening. To appease his conscience, he now wants to publish Sandra’s story.

This causes anxiety in the village. Because “sometimes the story was more complex than the stories told about it would suggest.” Rebecca Salm calls things by spade. Her debut is poignant and engaging from the first to the last page.

A rural microcosm that mirrors the big world.

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The list of the best SRFs is established monthly by an expert jury. The jury consists of 55 book critics, librarians, booksellers, literary scholars and representatives of literary institutions.

Each jury member may nominate up to four titles on the SRF Best List that were published no more than six months ago. Scoring works as follows:

  • 1st: 7 points
  • 2nd: 5 points
  • 3rd place: 3 points
  • 4th place: 1 point

The awarded points are added up and end up in the appropriate ranking. Each jury member may nominate fewer (or no) titles. As soon as a title appears three times in the SRF leaderboard, it is blocked to ensure a specific title circulation.

In order to ensure the greatest possible transparency, objectivity and impartiality in the voting process, it is not allowed to nominate books written by a member of the jury.

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