Switzerland blocks tank deliveries to Ukraine

Switzerland blocks tank deliveries to Ukraine

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky (44), has been complaining for weeks about the difficult situation due to the lack of weapons. Ukraine can defeat the Russian armed forces only if it provides more weapons. Therefore, Denmark decided to cede 20 Piranha III wheeled infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine.

However, since the giants come from Switzerland, Danish authorities had to ask Switzerland for permission – and were immediately rejected. This is confirmed by the research carried out by “SRF Rundschau”. As confirmed in the broadcast by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs Seco, Seco rejected the application a few days ago.

Pressure from abroad is growing

Since Denmark undertook, when purchasing the huge tanks, that they would only be handed over with the consent of Switzerland, Ukraine has to do without Piranha III tanks.

Seco justifies the rejection of neutrality and the War Materials Act, which prohibits the export of weapons to countries at war. The scenario is reminiscent of the Swiss veto that Seco blocked the transfer of ammunition to the Cheetah tank. In early April, Germany submitted an application to the Economic Secretariat, which was also rejected.

However, it is unclear whether Switzerland can continue to follow this course. International pressure is growing. Weapons deliveries to Ukraine were already the subject of the WEF. German vice-chancellor Robert Habeck (52) called for “maximum support” for Ukraine. “We have to measure our own attitude to reality,” said Habeck. Said and done. According to research by “Rundschau”, the German government has already asked Switzerland to reconsider its opposition to the export of ammunition.

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The War Materials Act gives you freedom

This or next week, the Federal Council should decide how the program will be further reported. Some voices in parliament and the federal administration do not support the idea that Switzerland’s hands should be bound by the War Material Act. Under certain conditions, Switzerland could certainly allow the export of military equipment.

“The Federal Council should now take action and revise its practice,” says chief politician and chairman of the Foreign Policy Committee Pirmin Bischof (63). Green Liberal Party leader Tiana Moser, 43, would also support this approach. Switzerland would not export arms directly. They have already been sold to other countries. In addition, they would go to a country defending itself against the aggressor. On the other hand, SVP sees it differently. Switzerland must not deviate from its current course. (dzc)

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