The best apps to follow March Madness

The best apps to follow March Madness

With the annual March Madness tournament now set to begin in the coming days, fans are already clamoring for the most hotly anticipated college basketball action presented in the game today which usually features several high profile prospects who could very likely take the NBA, or other notable professional leagues, by storm in the coming years.

There may be no greater college event/tournament that has garnered such a considerable reputation for high-octane action as much as the accurately named March Madness, with this spectacle often pitting the very basketball prospects against one another as well as the inclusion of some of the game’s most iconic collegiate programs.

There is already a palpable excitement surrounding the opening contests for the upcoming 2023 rendition of March Madness which will feature several impressive talents from across the nation as well as a packed-out crowd that remains to be one of sport’s most raucous atmospheres.

Some of the latest March Madness predictions have already isolated the wider discussions surrounding which teams could be expected to contend for the National Championship this season, as well as which teams could emerge as dark horses or even underdog contenders that could be set for a deeper run in the bracket than originally anticipated.

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Overall, there is so much hype and attention surrounding this year’s event which will leave many fans questioning as to which smart phone applications are best suited to keep them updated with all the latest action involved featuring their favorite teams and players competing in the tournament this year.

These are some of the best apps to download ahead of March Madness that are sure to keep you well and truly up to date with all the latest developments throughout the event:

  • NCAA March Madness Live:

Of course, one of the best ways to keep invested with any developments and individual numbers throughout the NCAA basketball tournament is to download the event’s official application that is available across a variety of devices.

This app allows fans to stream every single game on their phone/tablet as well as providing live updates on the scores and events from other games should you be unable to tune into the broadcast for whatever reason.

The app also provides fans with a chance to catch-up on any prior encounters that they may have missed as well as presenting the very best highlight plays featured throughout game day and the numerous key stats including box scores from the various individual star players that are featured throughout the course of the event.

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This app is simply a must-have for any NCAA basketball fan as it provides every major necessity for their college sports’ interest and updates for how the various teams are performing whilst competing in the tournament.


  • ESPN Tournament Challenge:

If you want to gain a valuable insight into the overall value and unpredictability that the March Madness tournament so often provides, then ESPN’s Tournament Challenge App is one of the best tools available across the virtual scene.

This app creates a virtual view of the full tournament and all the games that are shown at once which means that this app is the perfect software to use should you want to view more than one game at the same time, meaning that this could be the perfect app to use if you’re planning on watching multiple games with friends or family members.

College fans are increasingly passionate about their teams and having the opportunity to watch their favorite side in action whilst also catching up on the other games, during the same broadcast, is a tremendous addition to the college basketball virtual circuit that has been merited by fans across the nation.

  • theScore:

Unlike the other two apps mentioned above, this application does not show any live broadcasts of games but instead provides a greater insight into the latest pre- and post-match analysis ahead of any game which is doubly merited with the stellar reviews that this application has received across many app stores.

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This is a perfect app to download for fans on the go who want to quickly check up on the latest developments elsewhere without tuning into a live broadcast as well as giving users a chance to read up on the various stats and lineups during games.

Articles surrounding the final result are also published for view with this application also providing live scorelines from various other sports both within the US and across the world, meaning that this is an application that most sports fans of different professions should often look to download to keep invested in their own favorite sports from various leagues and competitions.

Whatever your plans may be ahead of March Madness, these are just a few of the top apps that college fans may take a great amount of interest in downloading for their own means in an effort to keep updated with all the latest ongoings in the college basketball sector.