The billionaire will breathe new life into the iconic hotel

The billionaire will breathe new life into the iconic hotel

street food and pool parties?

The Indian billionaire will breathe new life into this iconic hotel

The Hotel Atlantis at the foot of the Üetliberg is a hotel legend. Now an Indian hotelier has completely renovated it. The billionaire is based on a new concept. People from the neighborhood are also welcome to have a beer on the terrace.

Published: 07/01/2022 at 00:33


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Patrik Berger and Sebastian Babic

The five-star Atlantis Hotel in Zurich has a rich history behind it. The hotel at the foot of the Uetliberg overlooking the city center has changed hands many times. Sometimes the hotel was empty. Or it was used as accommodation for students. Previously, celebrities gave each other a door handle. Freddie Mercury, Grace Jones, Muhammed Ali and Rihanna were guests. In 2020, the Qatari royal family sold the house and laid off all 140 workers.

The legendary hotel was bought by Indian billionaire Kabir Mulchandani (47), entrepreneur and owner of the luxury hotel chain Five, which owns noble houses around the world. It was supposed to reopen in summer 2021. Because of Corona, it doesn’t happen until a year later. Yesterday, on Thursday, the five-star hotel was opened with a lavish event.

«I jumped into the lake in March»

“The Five aims to appeal to people who love good food and music, who want to have fun and spend time with others,” says Kabir Mulchandani for Blick TV. The origin and sexual orientation of the guests did not play any role. “That is why the hotel terrace is open to everyone, not just hotel guests.” The Indian billionaire is taking a new ground when it comes to design: he hired students from the Zurich Academy of Arts and street artists.

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Mulchandani first visited Zurich when he was 8 years old. This is not the only reason why he almost feels like a native. “In March, I jumped into Lake Zurich. Everyone spoke only Swiss to me then. They probably didn’t think the Indian would jump into deep water, “he says, letting his gaze wander around the city from the terrace.

Corona hadn’t put the key to the robots for him. He believes tourism will recover. “All major investments are made in times of crisis,” he says. He took this chance. 260 new employees were given such a permanent position.

The outdoor swimming pool becomes a venue for events

He has high ambitions with the former Atlantis. “The hotel is designed to become the hottest lifestyle destination in Switzerland,” he says. Five has 87 rooms and suites. Including an apartment with four bedrooms and five balconies. It is intended primarily for groups that want to travel and sleep together.

There are five restaurants under one roof: Japanese, Chinese and street food. In addition to the cafe-bar, there is an additional wine bar. Afterwards, guests can have fun in their own nightclub. The outdoor swimming pool – part of the spa offer during the day – also becomes a party place at night.

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How much is fun? On the weekend of July 9th and 10th, a double room for CHF 395. With breakfast for two, it costs 485 francs per night. You have to pay 550 francs for the luxurious XL apartment. 640 francs is payable for breakfast.

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