The boy (3) has two nights alone in the desert

The boy (3) has two nights alone in the desert

Despite the storms and predators

The boy (3) has two nights alone in the desert

In the US state of Montana, the boy disappeared without a trace in the desert last week. Despite unfavorable conditions, he will survive two nights in the forest in solitude – until he is finally saved.

In a sparsely populated area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLincoln County, Montana, three-year-old Ryker Webb disappeared from his home last week. The rescuers were desperate for the boy. Dogs, drones, boats and helicopters were used. But due to bad weather, the search had to be canceled soon.

As storms rolled through the country, Ryker Webb spent two full nights alone in the wilderness – an area where mountain lions and bears roamed. Relief came on Sunday: the family found the boy accidentally in the shed after hearing his whimper. The cabin was just over two miles from his home.

Hungry, thirsty and hypothermic

When the boy was found on Sunday, he was hungry, thirsty and hypothermic. He was taken to hospital for examination. And: “He was very scared,” the sheriff said in an interview with the American television program “TODAY”.

Photos posted by the police show the boy with his eyes open wide after he was rescued. He kept a scared expression on his face until he finally returned to his mother, the sheriff said.

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the case is under investigation

The incident is currently being investigated by the police. As it is still not clear why the boy disappeared – it is also not clear why the parents waited a full two hours before notifying the police of his disappearance.

Ryker Webb himself told the police that he took a long walk himself, but eventually got tired. (bra)

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