The British couple wants to make these dreams come true after a mega win

The British couple wants to make these dreams come true after a mega win

The pair of Joe (49) and Jess Thwaite (46) from Great Britain were promoted to the British financial elite in one fell swoop. Both won more than CHF 223 million on Euromillions – breaking the British record. This makes them richer than, for example, music star Tom Jones (81) or national footballer Harry Kane (28).

But when you see what they have already bought or want to buy, you may think that they only won tens of thousands of francs.

Skoda instead of Hyundai

“I will definitely buy a new car,” said Joe Daily Mail. The Thwaite pair decided to make their winnings public on Thursday because their friends couldn’t keep a secret.

That’s why Joe told the media about his new vehicle: “My dream car is the Skoda Superb Estate.” Because there’s so much space in the trunk. Unlike his current car, the Hyundai. That’s why he has to go.

Are you going to Hawaii?

They celebrated the victory with a family dinner, his wife said. And they would buy bedroom furniture. “Wardrobe and chests of drawers”. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have treated themselves with anything. Except for two suitcases for the trip to the hotel where they announced their mega win.

The suitcases could then also be used for a common dream: going on a journey. So far, they have mostly spent their holidays at a campsite with their two twin daughters (8). But you have a lot of friends abroad that you can visit now. «Our children would like to travel to the heat. I would be so happy if I could do it with them, Jess said. The children would talk about Hawaii for a long time.

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Looking for luxury real estate

But they also have a more tangible purpose: a new home. And that shouldn’t take too long. The first thing Joe did when he found out about the win was that he went online and looked at luxury real estate. “Those with no budget limit,” he said.

The reason for this: they both currently live together with the twins in a rented apartment. They only moved there a few months ago as they had financial problems due to the Corona crisis and had to give up their previous home. “Our situation was not terrible,” says Jess. “We love the life we ​​have chosen.” But it seems that the apartment is quite cramped. Along with their two children, they also share this with various animals, they explained when announcing their award.

Joe also has two older children from his first marriage who should also get something. You want to “allow the extended family to share in the profits,” said the couple.

However, a big change had already occurred in her life: Joe Thwaite quit his communication job. Jess’s wife also wonders what to do with her hair salon, which she runs with her sister. Even if they want to spend their profit very carefully, that has already provided them with a luxury: time. (with)

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