The competitor wants to return to the front despite the amputated leg

The competitor wants to return to the front despite the amputated leg

Dawiti Suleimanischwili (43) was wounded by a tank shot during the war in Ukraine. Now, despite the amputation of his leg, he wants to return to the front with the prosthesis.

The war in Ukraine Two soldiers with amputated drumsticks in Huta Azowska. – the keystone


basic information at a glance

  • Dawiti Suleimanischvili (43) lost a leg from a tank shot down during the war in Ukraine.
  • The Ukrainian fighter from the Azov regiment still wants to return to the front as soon as possible.
  • According to the doctor, 90 percent of the mutilated soldiers want to fight again soon.

It happened very quickly: from a distance of about 900 meters, a Russian tank in Mariupol fired on the first row of Ukrainian soldiers. Daviti Suleimanishvili (43) was thrown several meters into the air after which a wall collapsed on him.

The sergeant was seriously injured. «When I wanted to get up, I couldn’t feel my leg anymore. My hand was battered and I was missing a finger, ”said AFP. His leg had to be amputated in an emergency in the safe walls of the Azov steelworks, and he was later taken to hospital by plane.

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Return to the war in Ukraine “the sooner the better”

It was March 20. Now, two months later, the fighter nicknamed “Scorpio” can stand upright again, albeit with bullets. He is now waiting for a prosthesis in Kiev, while the Ukrainian war continues in the east.

Then the 43-year-old from Georgia would like to return to the front as soon as possible. “The sooner the better,” says AFP.

The war in Ukraine So far, many Ukrainian soldiers have been injured in the Ukrainian war.The war in Ukraine Quite a few soldiers lost part of their body in the process.The war in Ukraine Nevertheless, they want to return to the front as soon as possible.The war in Ukraine However, the production of suitable prostheses may take longer.

His physical handicap does not seem to bother him too much: “One leg is nothing. We are in the 21st century and we have very good prostheses. » He knows many soldiers who fight “something like that” in the Ukrainian war.

At the orthopedic clinic in Kiev, work is underway to enable soldiers to do this task. He is getting ready for more and more mutilated soldiers as well as civilians.

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90 percent of the mutilated soldiers want to continue the fight

Suleimanishvili is not the only one who wants to fight again in the war in Ukraine as soon as possible. About 90 percent of the wounded soldiers want to return to the front, chief physician Valeri Nebesny told AFP.

leg prosthesis The doctor measures the prosthesis of the leg. (icon image)cut off The patient learns to walk with a prosthetic leg. (icon image)

This poses a difficult task for doctors. Because the production of individually fitted dentures is complicated. This requires appliances with plaster, thermoplastics, ovens and grinders. There are only a few of them in Ukraine, and there are also problems with the material supply chain.

Do you know someone who wears a prosthesis?

The artilleryman Suleimanishvili will soon receive a particularly stable prosthetic leg weighing 15 kilograms. But first, he will need to practice walking with a temporary prosthesis. Nebesny assures: “In two or three weeks he can run again.”

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