The couple only live on cruise ships

The couple only live on cruise ships

A US couple makes a dream come true: they both quit their jobs and are now traveling the world on cruise ships.

A cruise ship Marriage is now non-stop on cruise ships around the world. (image icon) – Pixabay


basic information at a glance

  • The US couple had had enough of living on land.
  • They both quit their jobs and each packed a suitcase.
  • Since then, they only live on cruise ships.

A US couple forgoes land life in favor of a life on the high seas. And it even makes financial sense, as Angelyn Burk explains to 7Life.

Because: You can book a room on board a cruise ship for only 43 francs a day. Now two over 50-year-olds discover the world by ship. They change from one cruise ship to another.

“I love travelling”

In rare cases, ship schedules require you to stay ashore. The couple then often stay with family or friends for a short time.

On the one hand, it is possible thanks to the steam savings. On the other hand, expected home sale in the US city of Seattle. They both quit their jobs. The two have not had a permanent home since May 2021 – and they seem to enjoy this lifestyle.

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A cruise ship Angelyn Burk and her husband now only live on cruise ships. – Twitter / @ _ oftoday_

“We love to travel,” continues the former accountant. “We were looking for a way to always travel in retirement, which also makes financial sense.” After some calculations, she was sure: from a financial point of view, early retirement and living on a cruise ship made more sense than paying off your mortgage.

They are both more interested in experiences than in material things. They would live frugally throughout their lives. For the long journey, they both took only one suitcase with them.

Have you ever taken a cruise?

The 53-year-old’s favorite destinations are Singapore, Italy, Canada, Iceland and the Bahamas. Goal: see everything one day.

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