The girl spends her first birthday at her father’s grave

The girl spends her first birthday at her father’s grave

A sad first birthday at the cemetery

The tragic story behind this picture

The war in Ukraine deprived the child not only of his father, but also of his first birthday. The girl’s mother writes on the Internet that her pain “cannot be described in words”.

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Does the baby know that her father will never come back? On her first birthday, this Ukrainian woman is eating breakfast at the grave of her deceased father. Władysław Żołarza, a soldier, was killed in the fight against the Russian army. A photo is all that a child has about him.

In the photo posted by Telegram, the girl is seen in a pink dress. The girl points her finger at the portrait of the deceased on the grave. At her feet, a plate with buns, sausage and tomato, and a glass of water.

The girl’s mother, Olena, writes that her pain cannot be expressed in the words: “My heart is torn apart.”

Heavy fights in the East

According to Ukrainian sources, about 10,000 people have died since the invasion of Russian troops on February 24. Ukrainian soldiers. Ukrainian troops are under pressure on the battlefield in eastern Ukraine. After the capture of the port city of Mariupol a few weeks ago, Putin’s troops also took control of most of the battle-torn city of Siewjerodonetsk.

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With the help of Moscow, the pro-Russian separatists took control of the Luhansk region almost completely and achieved an important military goal. According to the authorities, the third and last bridge over the Seversky Donets River was destroyed in Severodonetsk.

Zelensky announces: “We will retake Crimea” (01:56)

Meanwhile, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky (44), continues to spread optimism: for his country, even regaining the Crimean peninsula from Russia is a military goal. “Of course, we will also liberate our Crimea,” says Zelenski. “The Ukrainian flag will hang again over Yalta and Sudak, over Jankoj and Yevpatoria.”

“The Ukrainian army will surely come”

Zelensky calls on Ukrainian citizens to maintain contact with the Russian-occupied parts of the country, Donetsk and the Kharkiv region. These areas would also be liberated again. “Tell them that the Ukrainian army will certainly come,” says Zelenski.

In order to be able to implement this project, Selenkski is counting on a generous supply of weapons from the West. In the east of the country in the Donbas, the army is under pressure and the losses are terrible. The armed forces urgently need modern artillery from their foreign partners to defend themselves.

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