The Kremlin is crazy about the Starlink network for Ukraine and is threatening Elon Musk

The Kremlin is crazy about the Starlink network for Ukraine and is threatening Elon Musk

Elon Musk (50) activated Starlink Internet in Ukraine at the end of February. This ensures high-speed Internet access from space. It was helpful for the Ukrainian authorities and the army when mobile communication and local Internet access failed.

Functioning lines of communication are important to the Ukrainian defense forces. The Ukrainian army inflicted several serious defeats on the militarily stronger Russians. The war of aggression is waning. The head of the Russian space agency, Dmitry Rogozin (58), is now threatening Musk with consequences for supplying Ukraine with satellite internet.

That is why Musk's internet can be dangerous for Ukrainians

The head of Tesla himself warns: That is why Musk’s internet may be dangerous for Ukrainians (01:01)

Musk responds with a playful tweet

Rogozin wrote on Sunday in a Telegram chat that Musk was “involved in providing the fascist forces in Ukraine with military communications.” He will have to answer “like an adult”.

Musk replied on Twitter on Monday evening with a joke: “If I were to die under mysterious circumstances, it would be good to meet you.” Musk is head of electric car maker Tesla and is currently trying to buy Twitter.

Hours after Musk gave his playful tweet, his mother replied. She was not at all impressed with Elon’s jokes: “It’s not funny,” she writes of her son’s message. Sam Musk replies, “I’m sorry! I’ll do my best to stay alive.

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Rogozin has already threatened with nuclear war

Going back to the head of Roscosmos Rogozin, who verbally threatened Elon Musk: he supports the Russian attacks on Ukraine and talks, among other things, about the war that aims to survive Russia.

He also wrote on Sunday in Telegram that Russia could destroy NATO nations in a nuclear war within half an hour – “but we cannot let that happen, because the consequences of a nuclear blows would have an impact on the condition of our land.” (gif / SDA)

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