The Kremlin is investigating Dmitry Shkrebet (43) after the sinking of Moscow

The Kremlin is investigating Dmitry Shkrebet (43) after the sinking of Moscow

When the Moscow warship sank on April 14, Dmitri Shkrebets (43) lost two things: his son Yegor († 20) and his faith in Vladimir Putin (69).

Before the war, he was a supporter of Putin, he tells the German newspaper “Bild”. Now he writes the frustration of his soul on the social network “VK” almost every day.

The son was not a professional soldier

He relates how she tears him up inside, not knowing what happened to his son. Like countless others, Shkrebets did not know what happened to the crew since the cruiser sank – either hit by Ukrainian missiles or due to human error, remains unclear. The Kremlin says one person has died, 27 are missing and hundreds have been saved. Ukraine claims that hundreds of people died on board.

And: Vladimir Putin claimed that only professional soldiers served in Moscow, which was considered the pride of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. It is now clear that this was a lie as several relatives claim that their children or husbands were merely conscripts. This includes Egor Shkrebet. As a conscript he worked in the kitchen, says his father, who now hardly believes in the Russian authorities.

The flat was searched, the computer confiscated

According to Shkrebet, they had been on their radar for a long time – now they were receiving visitors. Police searched his home and confiscated his computer. “They are accusing me of sending bomb threats. This is an absolutely absurd accusation, says Szkrebets of Bilda. “It would never occur to me to do something like this, and my innocence is easily proven.” However, as everyone knows, there is probably more to this than just an investigation into the alleged bomb threat.

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The desperate father refers to the Russian propaganda machine, the aim of which is to prevent any criticism of Putin and the waging of the war by the Russians.

It won’t work for Shkrebets, he tells the paper: “The worst thing that could happen to my father happened to me. I have lost my son. That is why I am not afraid of anyone. I am writing the truth and will continue to do so. ” (With)

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