The rows of luxury villas on the Bürgenstock stand empty

The rows of luxury villas on the Bürgenstock stand empty

The Panorama Residence apartments in Bürgenstock offer a cozy fireplace, stylish wooden floors and a breathtaking panoramic view of the Nidwalden Mountains. The operators of the luxury resort call it “modern alpine chic”.

Only: the apartments are mostly empty. According to the SonntagsZeitung, the letterboards do not have names. Despite many years of work, some apartments are not even finished. Only 10 of the 30 luxury apartments are currently rented online. Cost per week: CHF 20,000.

Selling price unknown

The proper plan, however, is to sell the apartments instead of renting them out. The same goes for some of the luxury villas at Bürgenstock. They extend over several floors and offer a living space of over 600 square meters. 67 properties are to be sold to wealthy buyers. This was announced at the end of 2019 by the people responsible for the Katara Hospitality Group, the owner of Bürgenstock.

It is not known why luxury properties in a fantastic location have been empty for years. Even selling prices are not constant. “Currently, it is not possible to buy a residence in Bürgenstock,” says Dominique Seiler at “SonntagsZeitung”.

Laundry and cleaning service included in the price

Those interested can still be put on the waiting list. According to the journalists responsible for it, so far the Swiss have been interested mainly in real estate.

  The inherited amount grows and grows

In the commercial, Bürgenstock Resort makes full promises to potential buyers: Bürgenstock is praised as “one of the best addresses in Switzerland”, the location is “unique” and the climate is “tax-friendly”.

Anyone who receives a villa or an apartment in Bürgenstock can count on luxury: 67 properties are just a few minutes’ walk from fine restaurants, the world-famous 10,000 square meter spa and its own shopping center. The price also includes a laundry and cleaning service.

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