The Stoosbahn stands still for 30 minutes after the wrestling festival

The Stoosbahn stands still for 30 minutes after the wrestling festival

Canton of Schwyz

“It was getting hotter” – after the wrestling fete, the Stoosbahn stood motionless for 30 minutes in the overwhelming heat

From the point of view of Central Switzerland, the Stoos-Schwinget was mixed. On Sunday, however, the Stoosbahn did even worse than the Swiss wrestlers. Many passengers got stuck on the way back in the heat of the heat.

“It was terrible,” describes the Stoos-Schwinget guy on the way back. After a long day, the Stoos cable car would actually be the perfect solution for a quick journey home. Descends into the valley in less than four minutes. Not like that on Sunday. There was a strike on the railway line, which was opened in 2017.

Several visitors at Schwingfest say that the Stoosbahn has had technical difficulties and interruptions. The train is said to be stationary for about half an hour on steep terrain – with temperatures still very high. It is reported by PilatusToday on Monday evening.

Diagonal entrance to the valley

One of the passengers concerned says:

“It was getting hotter and hotter. People got scared »

Although wrestling fans were kept informed via advertisements, the heat in the cars remained. According to passengers, only a small window provided fresh air. As the windows fogged up, you couldn’t see anything through the panoramic windows of the train.

Railroad problems were not only experienced by passengers due to an unintentional stop of about half an hour. There was also a strike as part of the level regulation. It is responsible for the fact that the ground automatically adjusts to the slope while driving. As it was no longer working on Sunday, passengers were standing at an angle in the train.

Source: PilatusToday / David Migliazza

50-minute break

“We had a stop on the route at 19.20,” confirms Martin Langegger, Managing Director of Stoosbahnen. The reason for this was that the battery had too little energy. “The technicians who came out were able to identify and fix the problem relatively quickly.”

The first car was transported to the valley station to recharge the battery. It took about half an hour. “After that, around 8:10 pm, operations could resume and all were taken to the valley by car.” There would never be any danger to the passengers.

Not the first problem

The incident had already happened in Stoosbahnen three weeks ago. “On May 21, one of the two drives failed,” says Langegger. However, this is not a problem as both drives work independently of each other. “If one fails, the other jumps in.”

In this context, the second drive was checked last Thursday to be on the safe side. As no irregularities were found, the railway was brought back to normal operation on Friday. “Spare parts for the faulty drive have been ordered and should arrive in approximately five weeks.”

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