The Swiss Air Force had to accompany the planes

The Swiss Air Force had to accompany the planes

On Thursday evening around 7.15 pm, a boom sounding boomed in some regions of eastern Switzerland. This is the “hot mission” of the Luftwaffe.

F / A-18 F / A-18 at the annual Axalp show of the Swiss Air Force. (icon image) – Keystone


basic information at a glance

  • On Thursday evening there was a loud bang in the Lucerne region and its surroundings.
  • According to the military, it was a “hot mission.”
  • The plane had to be accompanied until it landed in Zurich.

A moment of shock in and around Lucerne!

A loud bang was heard around 7.15pm Thursday night. Both the reporter reading and the people on social media noticed this.

Therefore, he was interrogated, inter alia, in Rotkreuz ZG, Lauerz SZ, Rothenburg LU, Rapperswil and Hinwil ZH. One or two sonic impacts caused by fighter planes were correctly assumed.

On Twitter, the DDPS confirms that the Air Force has been deployed. Army spokesman Daniel Reist explained that there was a so-called “hot mission”.

The Swiss Air Force had to accompany the plane to its landing. Accordingly, the sonic boom occurred in the Lucerne region because it was necessary to be there on time. Reist couldn’t reveal which plane it was and what the reasons were.

Zurich Cantonal Police have confirmed that the plane has landed in Zurich.

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