The Tour de Suisse can begin!  Mysterious ice cream truck towed away

The Tour de Suisse can begin! Mysterious ice cream truck towed away

The start of the Tour de Suisse is saved!

This is where the mysterious ice cream truck is towed away

The abandoned van without license plates stood in the parking lot at Küsnacht ZH for several weeks. Simply silly: the Tour de Suisse starts there on Sunday. Therefore, the canton was intensively looking for an owner. Unsuccessfully.

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For weeks, he parked in the Forch parking lot in Küsnacht ZH, directly on the A52 motorway that leads from Zumikon ZH towards Hinwil ZH. Ice cream cart. Parked casually at the edge of the parking lot. Still in good shape at first glance. The interior is very clean. There is even a first aid kit on the dashboard, which is mandatory in EU countries.

And yet the car is in the way. The Tour de Suisse starts in Küsnacht on Sunday. It is located in the middle of the start and finish area of ​​the legendary Velo folk festival. You need every parking space. So the ice cream cart had to go. But what if you don’t know who it belongs to?

The Zurich cantonal police seized the evidence. The Canton of Zurich Civil Engineering Bureau tried it out with an ad in the local newspaper Küsnachter. The Mercedes Benz 313 Cdi must disappear by June 9. Otherwise it will be towed away.

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He’s probably from Sweden

“Nobody contacted us,” says Thomas Maag, spokesman for the civil engineering office and the Küsnacht organizing committee for the Tour de Suisse launch. So the search showed nothing. Therefore, large equipment was implemented. The van was towed away on Tuesday.

The vehicle probably comes from Sweden. It was probably on its way to Eastern Europe as a used car. But no one can confirm this. Everything remains mysterious. Who leaves what appears to be a perfectly flawless ice cream car without license plates?

export or scrap

“The cart is now in the yard of the tow truck,” says Maag. A decision will be made as to whether it will be sold and exported. Or if it gets scrapped. Because the sale of the car does not cover the towing costs.

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