The Veterinary Office was surprised to find a bite attack

The Veterinary Office was surprised to find a bite attack

Rottweiler Slobo bit an older (77) half-dead

The vet’s office cannot explain the attack

The fighting dog Slobo constantly attacked people. In Horgen, ZH bit a half-dead elderly woman. After the incident, the veterinarian assessed the Rottweiler’s behavior: the responsible specialist cannot explain how the bite attack could have occurred.

During a walk in October 2019 in Horgen ZH, Miriam Z. * (77) was attacked by Rottweiler Slobo. A fighting dog jumped on the old woman’s back and bit her several times. Instead of helping the dog’s owner, Dragica B. * (34), left the unconscious senior after the attack.

She has barely escaped death and continues to suffer the consequences of the traumatic experience.

Following a brutal bite attack, a specialist from the Zurich Veterinary Office (VETA) conducted a behavioral evaluation of the Rottweiler.

The way she experienced the Rottweiler made it hard for her to understand how the bite incident could have happened. This was announced by the veterinary office at the request of Blick.

The expert assessed Slobo as dangerous from the bite attack

Despite this assessment, the Rottweiler Slobo was euthanized. Something that, of course, should have happened sooner. Because even before the attack on the elderly woman, Slobo was still attacking people.

Why the dog was not taken away from owners is part of an ongoing process.

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A few months before the attack in Horgen, the aggressive Rottweiler was tested by a police dog and a rescue dog specialist. He correctly judged Slobo to be very dangerous – unlike a specialist at the Zurich vet office.

Therefore, he recommended that the dog be put down. But that didn’t happen because the owners of Slobo didn’t come to see the vet.

The dog owners did not appear in court

Instead, the couple took the dog to a German dog therapist in Hungary for rehabilitation. With little success: Upon his return to Switzerland, Slobo attacked the senior in Horgen.

On Tuesday, the holder of Dragica B. and her ex-husband Radan B. * (35) had to answer in the Horgen District Court. Dragica B. did not show up and the trial was postponed. (Gin)