Those who are lonely receive toothbrushes and pillows

Those who are lonely receive toothbrushes and pillows

A British tourist had to wait 26 hours at Zurich airport because his flight was canceled. Finally: for orphans, there is a toothbrush and a mat.

Zurich airport If you are stuck at the Zurich airport, you will receive a sleeping kit for each overnight stay. (icon image) – Keystone


basic information at a glance

  • Easyjet and British Airways are canceling numerous flights and the airports are in chaos.
  • 26 flights were canceled in Zurich last week.
  • Orphaned passengers will receive a sleeping kit.

Whitsun weekend has brought total chaos to European airports! Thousands of people are stuck abroad as airlines such as Easyjet and British Airways canceled many flights in a short time. Reason: lack of staff.

Foreign travelers are also stuck at Zurich airport. A British tourist even had to wait almost 26 hours before finally getting home. The recording of his involuntary stay became popular.

video from the airport A user shares on Tiktok a video of his lonely night at Zurich Airport. – TikTok / @andylewers

The fact that passengers have to spend the night at the airport is “usually rare”. Jasmin Bodmer, Zurich Airport spokesman, explains

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However, the last case was not so long ago: on Monday a passenger on an Easyjet flight to London Gatwick was immobilized. This was postponed to the next day.

Zurich airport distributes sleeping kits

He adds: “We provide sleeping kits for people who stay overnight at the airport because of flight delays or cancellations.” These include inflatable camping mats, pillows, blankets and toothbrushes.

Have you ever had to stay overnight at the airport?


No, I’ve been lucky so far.


No, I’ve been lucky so far.

There is no particular accumulation of cancellations in Zurich – compared to Amsterdam, for example. “A total of 26 flights have been canceled since Monday,” says Bodmer.

There can be many reasons for this: operational, weather, air traffic in the European airspace or staffing.

Airlines are not staffed to increase demand

Not only foreign airlines are struggling with staff shortages. The Swiss is also desperately looking for workers after layoffs during the corona crisis.

Because the increased demand for flights cannot be managed with the rest of the staff.

Schiphol There were many flight cancellations at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol over the chaos Passengers are lining up at Gatwick Airport in the South Terminal. More than 150 UK flights have been canceled.flight chaos Chaos was also announced at airports in Great Britain.Frankfurt airport Passengers with suitcases are waiting at the check-in counter at Frankfurt Airport.

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As a consequence, Swiss adjusted its summer flight schedule – and thus canceled tens of thousands of holiday flights. The parent company, Lufthansa, also canceled more than 1,000 flights in July.

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