Transferring Data to New iPhone Stuck? 5 Solutions

Transferring Data to New iPhone Stuck? 5 Solutions

So, you have got a new iPhone. You probably want to migrate the data from an old iPhone to a new one to dive right into it. But, sometimes, the transfer process may be stuck, or you might notice the ‘transferring data to new iPhone stuck’ error message.

 Many users have already complained about this frustrating problem. They are asking for a quick fix. The following enlisted tips will save you a lot of quality time and an annoying experience later. But before learning troubleshooting tips, learn why this error happens.   

Why Does Transferring Data Take So Long?

 Transferring data from one iPhone to another usually takes place quickly. Due to some factors, the transfer process is stuck in between. This might be due to poor internet connection, system software issues, or minor bugs. An unstable Wi-Fi network makes data transfer longer.

 If your data is extensive, you will require more time to transfer it completely. There could be some other problems as well, such as outdated versions. iPhone technicians believe that the iPhone transfer stuck issue may be due to insufficient storage on the new iPhone.  

 Back Up Your Old iPhone Data

 Before you set up a new iPhone and transfer data from the old iPhone, back up its data. For extra security, back up your iPhone data to external storage media. According to a how-to guide on, there are multiple native and third-party ways to back up iPhone data.

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 Backing up old iPhones helps in keeping the data up-to-date. You can back up over mobile data when you’re not connected to a wireless network. It helps in automatically backing up data to iCloud. But, it may require an increased data plan.  

  • Check Your Wi-Fi Network

Transferring Data to New iPhone Stuck? 5 Solutions

A poor or unstable internet connection can stick to your iPhone while transferring data from iPhone to Android or another iPhone. The error message will appear when Wi-Fi disconnects for some seconds.

On iOS 9 and later models, Wi-Fi Assist turns on by default to move to cellular when the network is unstable. So, it’s good to turn off Wi-Fi assist. Select Cellular or Mobile data in the Settings option. Now, go down and click the slider to enable the Wi-Fi Assist option.

  • Bring Both Phones Closer

You might be wondering how it is related to data transfer between iPhone devices. But, sometimes, distance might become the reason why your iPhone is stuck or takes a long time to transfer.

So, as a quick fix, you can try bringing both iPhones in close range. This is quite a simple trick, as you don’t need to dive into several options to change any settings. Just keep both devices closer until the transfer process gets complete.

  • Disable Lower Power Mode
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Usually, low power mode is turned on to reduce the power amount. It helps in using the iPhone when its battery is low, and you need to complete some tasks. But, this mode might become an obstacle while transferring data.


The internet connection doesn’t work or gets interrupted when low power mode is turned on. So, to fix iPhone stuck error, you would have to disable the default low power mode. For this, change the settings in the notification panel.

  • Free Up Storage Space

As stated above, insufficient storage space might cause transferring data to new iPhone stuck error. Clearing some space on the iPhone is probably the best solution. Start with sorting through data. The transfer process may take longer if the data size is more than 500GB.

To prevent data overload, delete unnecessary data such as documents, photos, videos, and apps. To free up storage:

  1. Click General in the Setting option.
  2. Tap iPhone Storage on your new phone.
  3. Remove the large files or apps after checking the space in a bar chart.
  • Use Finder or iTunes

Transferring Data to New iPhone Stuck? 5 Solutions
If the above tricks do not work, use iTunes or Finder to transfer data from one iPhone to another. This is the best option if your older phone is responsive. Connect the previous phone to the computer using a USB cable and launch iTunes’ new version. Click Trust on your
iPhone 11.

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Select the iPhone icon in the iTunes window. Click Summary and Back Up Now. Unpair the old iPhone and connect the new one to your computer. Choose the most recent backup file and hit on the Restore button. Let the process complete.


 The recently launched iPhones are extremely popular in the market nowadays. To start enjoying a new phone, users might need to immediately transfer data from a previous iPhone. But, it can be highly irritating when it takes long hours.

 The iPhone data transfer is sometimes blocked at “unable to complete data transfer” or “transfer data to new iPhone stuck”. Thankfully, you can get rid of it by working on the above-mentioned effective solutions.