Transport Minister Sommaruga demands information about the system failure in Skyguide

Transport Minister Sommaruga demands information about the system failure in Skyguide

After a failure of air traffic control

Sommaruga wants clarity on the Skyguide disruption

Transport Minister Simonetta Sommaruga asked Skyguide to report what went wrong with the federal company. He wants to prevent the airspace from closing again.

Published: 6/15/2012 at 12:15


Updated: 6/15/2012 at 13:11

Pascal Tischhauser and Sophie Reinhardt

Nothing worked in Swiss airspace. Transport Minister Simonetta Sommaruga (62) reacted quickly. He wants to find out from Skyguide what went wrong with Swiss air traffic control on Wednesday morning.

As responsible federal councilor, Sommaruga instructed the federal air traffic control company to submit a detailed report on the failure of the system, which was announced on request by spokesman for the Federal Aviation Authority (Bazl) Christian Schubert. This is to prevent this from happening again.

An analysis has been ordered

According to the spokesman, the department instructed Skyguide to provide information in a report on “the reasons for the blockage, the measures taken to remove it, and the analysis”. So far, there is no information on the possible cause of the disturbance.

Due to a system failure in Skyguide air traffic control, all Swiss airspace had to be temporarily closed on Wednesday morning. Numerous arrivals had to be redirected and departures canceled. The chaos at Swiss airports was correspondingly large.

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Media spokeswoman Manuela Staub: “All flights may take place again” (01:49)

Postfinance and Swisscom issues

On Wednesday, Bazl did not know yet what led to the system crash. However, in the morning Skyguide was able to repair the technical fault and resume air traffic control operations.

There have also been technical problems at Swisscom recently, and the postfinance subsidiary Postfinance has also made a name for itself many times over with systemic problems.

They wanted to go on vacation: “I get angry when my flight is canceled” (01:46)

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