Trump “urged” protesters to storm the Capitol

Trump “urged” protesters to storm the Capitol

On January 6, 2021, the world looked at the USA with a shock. Supporters of then-US President Donald Trump violently attacked Washington Capitol and devastated the US Congress. Now the incident has been dealt with by the parliamentary investigative committee. He sees responsibility for the events of January 6, 2021 with former US President Donald Trump.

He “incited” demonstrators to riot, commission chairman Bennie Thompson said, unveiling the first results of the investigation on Thursday. The storming of the Capitol was “the culmination of a coup attempt,” and “Donald Trump was at the center of this plot.” When Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the November 2020 presidential election was to be confirmed on the Capitol, hundreds of radical Trump supporters attacked the Capitol. The assault on the Congress headquarters with five dead has caused terror around the world and is considered a dark day in the history of American democracy.

Over 1,000 witnesses were questioned – including Trump’s children

Nine members of the committee – seven Democrats and two Republicans – started work almost a year ago. Since then, they have viewed approximately 140,000 documents and heard more than 1,000 witnesses, including Trump’s son Donald Junior, his daughter Ivanka, and her husband Jared Kushner. An unpublished video of the escalation of violence was seen during Thursday’s 90-minute session.

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For months, the investigative commission interviewed hundreds of witnesses behind closed doors and viewed large amounts of documents and evidence. Excerpts from the polls were shown for the first time at the public session, including former Attorney General William Barr. In it, he said in connection with Trump’s allegations of electoral fraud that he had had several discussions with him on the subject. “I have made it clear that I disagree with claims that the elections were stolen and with the dissemination of those things that I told the president were nonsense.” Barr called these claims “crazy.”

The commission also showed a video of an interview with Ivanka, Trump’s daughter. When asked about Barr’s statements, she said his assessment certainly influenced her outlook. You respect Barr. – So I accepted what he said.

Trump spoke positively about the threats

The panel revealed that Trump spoke positively about threats by his supporters against Vice President Mike Pence during the storming of the Capitol. Cheney, citing the panel’s results, said Trump knew about the dangers and said, “Maybe our supporters have a good idea.”

Pence deserves it, continued Cheney Trump. On January 6, 2021, Pence, as vice president, chaired the session of Congress that confirmed Biden’s election victory. Trump supporters were also looking for Pence in the building at the time, calling him a traitor and threatening to hang him for failing to prevent Biden’s confirmation.

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Trump Calls on Capitol Attack Commission ‘Witch Hunt’

Former US president Donald Trump has accused the commission of inquiry of storming the Capitol of being biased. “One-sided, wholly guerrilla political witch hunt!” He wrote Friday on the Truth Social online platform he co-founded. Trump also attacked his former attorney general, William Barr, who in front of the committee called his allegations of electoral fraud “crap.” “Barr was a coward,” wrote the former president. – He was stupid.

Trump reiterated his false claim that the 2020 presidential election was “fake and stolen.” It was about the “crime of the century.” He did not comment on the fatal attack by his supporters on the Capitol nearly a year and a half ago.


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