Types of curls chart

What are the types of curls?

Identifying yours curl shape and pattern (or patterns) are best determined when the hair is wet. Simple breakdown: Type 1s are simple, Type 2 are wavy, Type 3s are curlyand Type 4s are twisted. The sub-classifications A to C are based on the width or diameter of the wave, curlor coil pattern.

What are the 4 types of curly hair?

Our founder Ouidad, world famous stylist who opened the first ever curly hair salon, he identified four different types of curls – Loose, classic, tight and twisted curls – and has developed a branded product line that complements each one type. Because everyone curl he needs a schema that treats him properly.

How many types of curly hair are there?

Curly hair most often it is divided into three Various kinds of: type 2 (wavy), type 3 (curly), and type 4 (kinky and twisted). Within each type, over there there are three subtypes (A, B, and C).

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What is the most common curl pattern?

Type 3 curls are among the most common curls types. This type of curls it is a happy middle ground type 2 i type 4 curls. It’s flexible but thick – meaning it can hit the spot when you use a variety of styling products hair type.

What is 1C hair type?

Type 1C it is generally straight, has a body like 1B, and has several waves hidden here and there. This hair type it has strands that appear thick and coarse and has the ability to hold curls. Type 1C it can also have a perfectly ruffled appearance when left to dry naturally.

What are type 3 curls?

Enter 3: Curly Hair. This category includes hair that has curls for springs and corkscrews. When the hair is wet curls they usually look like waves, but take on three-dimensional shape of the vortex after drying. Every strand of this hair type can be special.

Is my hair curly or curly?

If it dries with a slight curve or an “S” shape, it is taken into account wavy (type 2). If it dries out of the specified curl or a loop pattern, possibly curly (type 3) while tight curlsspirals or zigzag patterns are considered twisted (type 4).

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What does type 3 hair look like?

Enter 3 curly hair it ranges from a light curl to a tight curly mustache and usually comes with a combination of textures. They are clear and springy, with a greater height and volume at the root than type 2s.

What is Type 2 Curly Hair?

Type 2 wavy the texture is not quite simple and not entirely curlyabout the spectrum hair from loose loops to thick chunky S-shaped waves in combination with curls. Enter 2 the texture is usually flatter at the base and close to the head, and becomes more curvy from the ears down.