Types of flu shots (2022)

Types of flu shots (2022)

Are there 2 types of flu vaccines?

You can go to your local pharmacy, doctor’s office or hospital to get it shotbut you probably need to know that there are two different types on shots, each of which offers a different coverage. One is the trivalent vaccineand the other, the tetravalent vaccine.

What are the different flu vaccines?

Quadrivalent influenza vaccines

  • Regular standard dose of tetravalent shot. The standard dose flu vaccine is available for people over 6 months.
  • High dose tetravalent shot.
  • Jet injection tetravalent shot.
  • Recombinant tetravalent shot.
  • Live attenuated intranasal spray.

What is the best flu vaccine for 2020?

Influenza vaccine Options in 2020

The most commonly available flu vaccineand the one recommended for most people is called tetravalent flu vaccine. This “four” in the name refers to the four flu the virus strains vaccine is designed to control: two flu And viruses and two flu B viruses.

What are the different flu vaccines for 2020?

For 2020-2021 flu season, providers can choose to administer any licensed, age-appropriate one flu vaccine (IIV, RIV4 or LAIV4) without preference to either vaccine over another. vaccine options this season include: Standard dose influenza vaccines. High dose shots for people over 65 years.

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How effective is the 2020/21 flu vaccine?

CDC influenza vaccination coverage reports show that overall influenza vaccination coverage (among people aged 6 months and more) in 2019-2020 increased compared to the previous season to nearly 52%.

Are all flu vaccines the same in 2020?

Are all flu vaccines the same?? All flu vaccines contain an antigen derived from the same flu viruses, with the only difference that they are trivalent vaccines have 3 different antigens and tetravalent vaccines have four different antigens ( same three that are in trivalent vaccinesplus another).