Ueli Maurer on gasoline prices and the war

Ueli Maurer on gasoline prices and the war

Should households be relieved because everything is more expensive? The Federal Council set up a working group in April due to rising energy prices. This should examine whether resources are needed to ease the burden on budgets.

Federal Councilor Ueli Maurer (71) opposes this. “We don’t have the money for it,” said the finance minister in Tages-Anzeiger. According to the Federal Council, this is not necessary with inflation at 2.5 percent. Even with increased fuel costs, the Federal Council of the SVP sees no action as needed: “The price of gasoline is affordable in wealthy Switzerland.”

“Recession is Coming”

The SVP Federal Council also criticizes his colleague, Defense Minister Viola Amherd (59), for her attitude that increased military spending can simply be budgeted. “There is no room in the budget for everything that has been agreed,” he explains.

Especially that a weakening of the economy is announced. “I think a recession is imminent. How bad it will be depends on how long the war in Ukraine lasts. And from energy prices. ” In mid-June, the Federal Council will take stock of the situation based on the latest economic data – then it will also become clear what this means for the 2023 budget.

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Move into Cassis

Maurer also criticizes Switzerland’s position in the Ukrainian war and the implementation of EU sanctions. With this behavior, Switzerland caused “damage to the crops” with regard to the issue of neutrality. “In many places the question of trust and neutrality is raised. It destroys the company’s location. “

In the end, it was a communication problem – continued the Minister of Finance: “Actually, we are not significantly different from what we have always done. But this is being questioned all over the world. ” It is difficult to correct the perception again.

And any further explanation, he says in reference to the WEF opening speech of federal president Ignazio Cassis (61), “spreads additional uncertainty”. Cassis spoke in her speech about “cooperative neutrality.” Maurer doesn’t like it: “No matter how well you think. You only talk about it because you feel you have to defend something. “

Switzerland is acting too one-sided

But Maurer still does not agree with the position of official Switzerland: “We are one-sided at the moment.” At WEF in Davos, he hears often that not all bridges to Russia should be burned. Because Russia is not only Putin. “And at some point after the war, the time will come,” said Maurer. “The door has to be ajar so we can start talking again.” (lm / SDA)

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