Ukraine is running out of weapons

Ukraine is running out of weapons

In the Ukrainian war, Russia relies more and more on its artillery – and therefore better than the enemy. Experts classify events in the east of the country.

The Sejerodonecka war in Ukraine A Ukrainian tank drives through the city of Siewjerodonetsk in eastern Ukraine, which was heavily disputed in the Ukrainian War. – dpa


basic information at a glance

  • The Ukrainian armed forces are under increasing pressure in the east of the country.
  • The Russian artillery is clearly better than the Ukrainian artillery.
  • The weapons shipments from the West are important now, experts say.

Fighting in eastern Ukraine is intensifying. Russian units are in the process of conquering the city of Siewjerodonetsk. Soldiers in the war in Ukraine increasingly rely on long-range weapons.

Safety expert Albert A. Stahel explains to that many Grad, Uragan and Smerch bullets are in use. “Both sides are the same types.”

Nevertheless, the domestic armed forces have a serious drawback …

Severodonetsk The destroyed chemical plant in Siewierodoniecko. In the battle for the great city in eastern Ukraine, it seems that between the military victories of Russia and Ukraine and theSeverodonetsk A resident of Siejerodoniecka in front of a burning house. (archival image)Ukrainian war The Ukrainian war leaves its mark: a destroyed car in Sievjerodonetsk in the Luhansk region.The war in Ukraine According to Zelensky, the fight for the city of Severodonetsk sets trends for the Donbas.The war in Ukraine The fierce fighting for Sievjerodoneck in the Ukrainian war.

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Stahel warns: “Ukrainians are running out of available missiles.” It is Soviet production.

Ukraine is running out of weapons

A spokesman for the Ukrainian military intelligence recently told “Guard” how serious the situation is: “This is now an artillery war. And Ukraine cannot win at the moment. One is dependent on a supply of weapons from the West to take action against the enemy. “

US President Biden US President Joe Biden at the White House. – dpa

The question is how long can Ukraine withstand an artillery war without the support of the West. Are the armed forces running out of weapons?

“Yes,” says Ulrich Schmid, Russia expert and professor at St. Gallen University in an interview with First of all, there is a shortage of ammunition for Soviet artillery because Russian military attacks have hit the Ukrainian arms industry.

War in Ukraine: US Delays Delivery

One of the reasons is delayed deliveries from the West: “Large rocket launchers in the USA and Great Britain may compensate the Ukrainians for the losses. But they haven’t arrived yet, ”confirms security expert Stahel.

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Ukrainian war Putin’s troops are moving forward in the Ukrainian war in Donbas. And shoot artillery units at anything that moves. – Twitter

According to Schmid, political thought plays a key role. “The United States is reluctant to supply artillery to Ukraine, fearing that the technology could fall into Russian hands. Moreover, the United States does not want Ukraine to attack targets in Russia with precision artillery weapons. “

Should the West support Ukraine with more weapons?

Ukraine lacks a “clean mass” of artillery. “Russia has enough ammunition and enough weapons to bring to the battlefield,” said Schmid. It may also have an impact on the future war in Ukraine. “The Russians may ruin Ukrainian positions.”

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